How to Grow Back Your Natural Eyelashes After Extensions

Hello everyone!

So it’s no surprise that just like thousand of other girls, I’ve always really wanted longer and thicker eyelashes. Mine were pretty good before, but I still wanted MORE (haha). So, I decided to get eyelash extensions. I did my research and found the best girl to do them for me.

Fast forward to three years later, and I still had them! (Insert screaming emoji here, haha). I was extremely happy with them, because even when I was not wearing makeup on my face, having the lashes still made me look presentable. So, I didn’t even question if my natural eyelashes were being damaged, I just thought that shedding was normal and that as soon as I wanted to take a break, my normal lashes would just be there waiting for me. Boy, was I was wrong!

After having Diego and literally not even having time to brush my teeth, I let my eyelash extensions go. I simply didn’t have the time to be going every three weeks to get them done! And guess what? To my horrified surprise, the majority of my natural eyelashes were gone! Yes, gone! The ones that I did have left were super short–my eyelashes did not look at all like they used to before I added the extensions.

So, after crying for like 10 minutes (I blame hormones), I made the decision to not go back for extensions and just try to focus on growing my natural eyelashes. I am not going to lie, I didn’t like what i saw on the mirror for some time. I wanted my Minnie Mouse eyes again, but with patience and the right products, my lashes came back!!!

How did I do it? Here are my tips:
  • I purchased a natural mascara- After doing some research, I found that natural mascara is way better for your lashes! If I was going to use something natural, eyes are a great place to start, right? So now, I basically use two! For the first coat, I use a mascara from Per-fékt--it’s natural and also it has lash enhancing ingredients that have really made my lashes long. I don’t use it alone, because I end up with raccoon eyes by the end of the day! For the second coat, I apply mascara from Kjaer Weis (I can never pronounce the name), it’s 99% organic and it really helps my lashes set! It never leaves clumps behind and even if I’m running around all day, it never makes a mess.
  • I started using the right eyeliner– I purchased a new eyeliner from Trish McEvoy, it’s literally the one product I will not go without. Besides staying hydrated and nourishing your lashes it’s the only black eyeliner that I have used that works with my oily skin and does not get messy by lunch time.
  • I bought a lash enhancing serum– I have tried two lash enhancing serums that I really like. I started with one from Peter Thomas Roth, which I loved, and now I am trying a new, more natural version from Plume. This one is 100% made from natural ingredients. Both work great, so it just depends on your preference.
If you want to boost your lash growth even more, here are a few additional things you can do:
  • Apply castor oil with vitamin E at night.
  • Always remove your makeup at night and clean your eyelashes thoroughly. I love to use Vapour’s makeup remover.
  • Don’t get eyelash extensions for a long period of time! Lesson learned. I still love them and would get them again, but I would definitely give my lashes a break from time to time.

I have added all my favorite products on the slider below the pictures.Hope this helps some of you!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I’ll see you in my next post!

Call me Lore's tips on how to grow back Your natural eyelashes after extensions

Call me Lore's tips on how to grow back Your natural eyelashes after extensions

Call me Lore's tips on how to grow back Your natural eyelashes after extensions

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  1. I used Rodin and fields lash boost after having lashes on for two months my lashes were ruined. I debated trying the serum , but it works and my lashes have grown back thicker and longer.

  2. How long did it take for your lashes to return to pre extension length? It’s so frustrating to keep reading on sites that extensions don’t damage when I am sure they damaged my natural lashes 🙁

    1. Hi!! I know I was super disappointed. I went to the best eyelash girl I could find and they still were very damaged. It probably took like 3 months for them to be at a decent length. I used to get so frustrated because people would just tell me that I thought they were shorter because I was used to the extensions, but that is not true I barely had lashes left. the same thing happened to you?

  3. Thank you for your informative post! I had been wearing eyelash extensions for 6 months when I unfortunately developed a skin allergy on my upper lids to the lashes – it progressively got worse with each fill, so I let my extensions fall out (ironically I healed the allergy with my own PRP after a PRP microneedling session). My lashes were full and beautiful before my extensions and now I’m shocked at how short and straight and very thin they are now ☹️. I have just started using latisse in hopes that I can have my natural lashes back again. What a bummer! I too went to the best girl I could find – I think if it hadn’t been for the rash on my upper lids, I would have kept them on indefinitely.

    1. Hey Betsy!!! I tried Latisee and I actually got better results from the natural version called Plum. I like that you can use it twice a day and you can also use it on your brows! Hope it helps and thank you so much for stopping by the blog!

    1. Hello!!! Thank you for coming to my blog. I think it is very personal. After doing a lot of research I would not recommend leaving them on for more than 6 months without a break. I hope that helps!


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