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My name is Lorena Garcia and I created Call Me Lore with the purpose to offer tips on all aspects of life, whether it’s family life, wellness, or beauty. Throughout my life, I have always had a passion for content. Whether it’s things I have found personally or sharing the tips and expertise of others, on my blog you’ll find an array of topics that all come back to my foundation of bettering the lives of the busy mom, entrepreneur, and overall well-rounded woman. I believe knowledge is power, and I am passionate about doing my part to share anything I learn along with answering my own questions.

This blog is meant to show other women like me that you can work, have a family, AND continue learn more about the things you love. We CAN do everything we put our minds to, and usually, we are the only ones in the way of our own success. If you can dream of something, you can achieve it. Nothing will come easy, but if you have passion and work hard, you will get there. I want to be an example and inspiration for women that at some point have thought it’s too late to pursue their professional and personal dreams. An entrepreneur, wife, mother, beauty junkie, and a lover of all things health & wellness are just some of the things that I am.


Dustin + Diego + Sade

What can you expect in your travels through my blog? I hope to give you a look into of everything that comes my way in life: my travels with Bloguettes, Majka & my family, health & wellness tips, interviews with industry experts, clean beauty tips, my favorite fashion trends, a bit of our family life, and of course, my favorite products that I cannot live without!



Branding, consulting, and stock photography co-founded in 2014

Lorena Garcia Sakura Considine Bloguettes Wela Creative Stock That Rocks

I co-founded Bloguettes in 2014 with Sakura to create a place where entrepreneurs, small businesses, and bloggers could learn about how to grow their presence online. We held workshops across the country and held one final conference The Workshop 2018 in Phoenix. Now, Bloguettes has moved into two directions, Wela Creative Studio and Stock That Rocks. Wela Creative is the branding and consulting agency that works with new and existing businesses to create an engaging and lasting branding that best serves their intentions and audience. Stock That Rocks is the stock photography brand where members can receive professional “Instagrammable” stock photos for their personal or professional use. You can learn more at www.bloguettes.com.


Wholesome nutrition for motherhood co-founded in 2017

Majka Lactation Powder and Bites for Breastfeeding Mothers
Majka Lacatation Powder Majo and Lorena Co-Founders

After having my son Diego, my energy was nothing close to what it was before and I felt like I understood “mom brain” for the first time when I couldn’t remember anything. I felt scattered, struggled to sleep, and felt sluggish constantly, even months after having him. I decided to change my diet and reach for whole foods and nutrition instead of the medicine cabinet. My good friend and mother of her own little ones, Majo, is a talented cook and together we created the lactation supplement powder and bites that make up Majka today. Both products feed new moms the nutrients they need to not only breastfeed easier, but feel better all around. I am so passionate about health, wellness, and motherhood and this journey has been incredibly fulfilling to share with other mothers.

Things I Love to Do

  • Find healthy hacks
  • Spend time with my family
  • Learn something new
  • Connect with others