My name is Lorena Garcia and I created Call Me Lore with the purpose of having a place to create and share beautiful content that allows me to express my passion for fashion and all things that I consider beautiful. It is also a personal space where I get to share a little bit of the behind-the-scenes of my life, work and family. I am the Co-Founder of a successful company called Bloguettes, where we believe that knowledge is power. I see this blog as an amazing complement to my business, as I get to put into practice all that we teach other bloggers and entrepreneurs. It’s also an amazing tool to bring credibility to Bloguettes and myself.

This blog is meant to show other women like me, that you can work and have a family. We CAN do everything we put our minds to, and that usually, we are the only ones in the way of our own success. If you can dream of something, you can achieve it. Nothing will come easy, but if you have passion and work hard, you will get there. I want to be an example and inspiration for women that at some point have thought it’s too late to pursue their professional and personal dreams. A business owner is never all that you are. An entrepreneur, wife, and fashion lover is just some of the things that I am.


Dustin + Diego + Lena + Kobi

What can you expect in your travels through my blog? I hope to give a taste of everything that comes my way in life: my travels with Bloguettes & my family, our favorite fashion trends and outfits, a bit of our family life and, of course, my favorite products that I cannot live without!



I co-founded Bloguettes in 2014

Things I Love to Do

  • Read
  • Learn new things
  • Spend time with friends
  • Travel