5 Things I’ve Learned Since I Had a Baby

Call me Lore on 5 ways a baby changes your life

Hello!! I hope you all are having a great Sunday! I was supposed to go to Barre class but decided to go to breakfast instead – food or workout, always a tough decision 🙂

Diego was born a little bit over two months ago and our life has changed completely. Yesterday I was reflecting on this and decided to write a post about it. Sooooo here is what I have learned/discovered so far:

The true meaning of unconditional love.

I never understood what people meant when they said you just instantly feel a different kind of love when you see your baby. It’s true! I am never going to forget what I felt when they put Diego on my chest, immediately my world became about him. He was the priority, I didn’t care about me or my pain, I just wanted to know that he was ok and healthy and never let him go. For the first time in my life I am truly scared to die, I know he needs me! How crazy right? I am sure you moms out there understand what I mean.

We are stronger than we think we are.

I was so scared of the delivery, I had never seen anyone have a baby before and really had no idea what to expect. How is this belly just going to disappear? Am I going to have an epidural? Will I be able to do this? Will the pain be unbearable? These were just some of the questions that went through my mind. When it was time to deliver him it was so quick that I barely had time to think. I was impressed with how strong we women are, the fact that our bodies are able to bounce back so quickly is impressive. Even though your body goes through so much, after a couple of hours you are up on your feet (a little sore I’m not gonna lie) ready to take care of your baby. Also, I discovered sleep is overrated hahaha. I thought I needed at least 8 hours to function well. Guess what? I can function with 4 or 5 too, but I would lie if I said I don’t miss my 8 hours 🙂

It is true it takes a village to raise a baby.

I really underestimated how hard being a new mom would be. I thought I was super strong and would not need any help, I was going to be able to be a perfect mom, wife, and run my business without having to ask for any extra help! Weeeelll that didn’t happen hahah I am so grateful that I have an amazing support system that allows be a mom, wife, and entrepreneur at the same time. I have learned that the trick is to be able to ask and receive help! There is nothing wrong if you are not the one putting your baby to sleep for every nap, it doesn’t make me a bad mom! It actually makes me a better mom because I will be rested and not stressed when he wakes up again. Happy moms=happy babies!

Enjoy the present and be present every moment.

Before Diego was born I would respond to emails immediately, I would not separate from my phone. I am sure a lot of you understand this, I could have been at dinner with my family but my head really was on what I needed to do the next day or what I didn’t finish at work. Diego changes every day so I want to make sure I don’t miss anything! I am learning to understand that some things can wait and that it’s ok to not be in control of every single detail at work, that it’s ok to rely on people. When I am with him the phone stays away so i can truly enjoy my time with him.

Pedicures and personal appointments are a luxury hahaha.

24 hour days are not enough!!! Does anyone feel the same way? I feel like the day starts and ends and I still have so much that I needed to do. Weekly manicure and pedicure appointments are a thing of the past 🙂

Diego, when you are old maybe you will get a chance to read this post. Thank you for making me a mom and for teaching me something new every single day.

Call me Lore on 5 ways a baby changes your life

Call me Lore on 5 ways a baby changes your life

Call me Lore's frenchie in Uppa Baby Stroller

Call me Lore's frenchie in Uppa Baby Stroller

Call me Lore on 5 ways a baby changes your life

Call me Lore on 5 ways a baby changes your life


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  1. Tiffany Cramer
    August 22, 2016 / 4:06 am

    Beautifully written Lore!!!

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