Activities to do With Your Baby During the Warmer Months

Hello everyone!

So, this week has been and will continue to be extremely crazy!! We have our Bloguettes Phoenix Workshop all weekend, and we’re super excited because we are completely sold out and at capacity. I am super excited to meet everyone. So, before the craziness starts, I wanted to write a blog post!

It’s already been super hot here in Phoenix, those of us who live here know that this is an indicator of how hot it will be this summer. 95 degrees in March is a big NO NO! So, I wanted to write a post with suggestions for family activities you can do when it’s hot outside. I spent some time researching about this for myself, so why not share it with everyone?

Currently Diego is obsessed with being outside. He walks by the door and he starts waving because he thinks he is going out! He goes on almost three walks a day and spends at least two hours a day playing on his swing set (the one in the pictures), so I don’t know what’s going to happen when it’s 115 outside! I am kind of worried, because I don’t want him to get super bored (and cranky!) because he cant go outside.

So, here’s what I found as potential options for a 10-14 month old:

  • Musicology Classes: Diego already goes once a week, but maybe we will start going twice as the weather heats up! We love the class because he gets to sing, listen to music, and interact with other babies for an hour. It’s also great for babies’ brain development.
  • Swimming Lessons: I guess it will be time to debut that bikini body after baby this summer (haha)! Diego loves the water, so I am thinking of joining Mommy/Daddy and me swimming classes.
  • Gymboree Play and Learn Classes: Diego goes to play and learn Gymboree classes once a week! I like that they offer classes around 4 pm, so I can take him after work.

In addition to going to classes, we have lots of at-home fun! Here are some cute activity ideas I found on Pinterest!

  • Edible Finger Paint: Finger painting is so much fun, and when it’s edible, you won’t have to worry about your baby eating it by accident! This activity is great because it helps with sensory integration, senses of hearing, touching, tasting and smelling, and it improves fine motor skills! Plus, it’s a great way to make lasting memories with your baby.
  • Sensory Bags: Children learn best when they engage their senses, and sensory bags are great for exposing them to different sounds, colors, and textures! Plus, they’re super easy to make and they’re mess-free!
  • Other Crafts: Babies (and moms) love crafts! They’re a self-esteem booster when babies see the finished product, and crafts also provide a great opportunity to bond with your baby and have some fun together!

What are some of your favorite activities to do with your baby during the warmer months? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I’ll see you in my next post!


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