The Best Dresses for Date Night

Best Dresses for Date Night-21


How’s everyone’s week going so far? Are you already planning for the weekend? If so, I have the perfect dress for date night!

I never thought I would be writing about date night because before Diego was born, because date night was not as special (haha). It was something that happened every week and maybe even sometimes twice a week. Dustin and I always love spending time with friends, but we also were great at making it a priority to spend time together.

Now, with both of our crazy schedules and being parents to the cutest boy, date night still remains a priority, but it doesn’t happen as often as it used to. I’m sure some of you moms out there get what I mean! I feel like when we do have some time to go to dinner, we like to take that time to also see friends. So, when Dustin and I go out just the two of us, we have been trying to make our date nights a little bit nicer and special.

For me, no flats are allowed on date night (haha), because it’s a great opportunity to dress up and have some fun with Dustin. For our last date night, I chose this dress from Parker. I got this dress at Saks! I love it because it’s easy and cute. I think this piece deserved it’s own post, because it had been some time since I wore a cute little dress and heels to go to dinner. I love how the look came together! I think there’s nothing better than when you feel confident in an outfit. It might sound crazy, but when I feel confident, I feel happier.

Starting now, we have made the decision that date night will happen every week, if possible, but max every two weeks! It’s important to be able to spend quality time together, not just to talk about the cute things Diego did that day or what happened at the office, but to really focus on each other.

How often do you guys do date night? If you’re a mom, how do you make it a priority? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Want some inspiration for date night outfits? Check out some of my favorite dresses below!

Best Dresses for Date Night-21

Best Dresses for Date Night-21

Best Dresses for Date Night-21

Best Dresses for Date Night-21

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