My Favorite Moments From Diego’s First 9 Months

I feel like a grandma saying this, but really, how does time go by so fast?!

I can’t believe my baby boy is now almost 9 months old. I feel like it was just yesterday when Dustin and I were getting ice cream and we got the call from the hospital that they had a bed available and it was time for us to go in and for me to get induced. The rest was history!

This little human came into our lives and has changed everything. He has truly shown us what unconditional love means. So, for his 9 month birthday (do you call it birthday? haha), I decided to write a post to highlight some of my favorite moments with Diego so far (it’s full of firsts). I also wanted to do a little mommy and Diego photoshoot at the park to capture some memories!

So, Diego, here are 9 things that I am always going to remember from your first 9 months of life:

  1. Crossing your little hands– At around 1 month old, you started crossing your little hands every time I got ready to feed you. It was as though you were getting prepared to drink your milk. You still do it now!
  2. The first day you started coughing (haha), I thought it was the cutest thing. I probably have 20 videos of it that I’ve watched a million times.
  3. The first time you smiled at me! You were just three weeks old, and you saw me when you woke up from your nap and you smiled at me. This is still my favorite thing. Every morning when I go into your room, you stay still for a second when you hear the door open and then you smile at me. Always so happy!
  4. The first time you screamed– When we were in Sedona for my birthday and I heard you scream for the first time, you surprised yourself! You found your voice and you loved it. Ever since, you have not stop yelling.
  5. When I dressed you up for Halloween– You let me dress you as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Woody all in the same day for Halloween!
  6. When you sing with me before bed– I love it when you sing with me every night before bed. This is my favorite time spent with you! We get to sing, dance, and discover new songs together.
  7. When you tried rice cereal for the first time- I cried laughing because of all of the disgusted faces that you made! It took a good 4 tries for you to even give it a chance and swallow it.
  8. Our first flight as a family– When we took our first flight as a family, your daddy hit your head on the airplane bin! He was trying to make you laugh, and he hit your head! We felt we were being judged by everyone on the plane (haha).
  9. The first time I saw you– The final and most important moment is the way I felt the first time I saw you! It’s difficult to describe, because it was a love I have never felt before, along with a sense of commitment to always be there for you, protect you, and guide you for as long as you let me. 🙂

Hopefully, one day you will read this post and know how much mom and dad loved you from day one. No matter what you do, even the simplest thing like waving bye bye, you will always make me proud!

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