Exploring Downtown Phoenix

Chloe tan satchel bag

So happy with all the positive energy from you guys since CallmeLore went live last week! I want to start by saying THANK YOU, or in Español, GRACIAS. I am so excited to share this adventure with you guys! I’ve always been camera shy, I never thought I could bring myself to do what so many amazing bloggers before me have done. As they say, you are the only one in your way! As soon as my mindset changed, I  decided that I was gonna give myself a chance to try it and now I love it. My days are so busy at Bloguettes so this blog has become a fun project to work on nights & weekends. Much more stimulating then watching seasons of New Girl on Netflix!

Back to this post! I’m always in a hurry to do evertyhing so most of my photos are around my house or office but for this shoot, we decided to go to downtown Phoenix! It’s crazy how little we know about the area, Dustin and I don’t get the chance to explore much outside of our 5 mile radius. Since moving here, downtown PHX has grown so much!

I was surprised to see so many cool new restaurants and coffee shops opening. So many more people have moved into the area, unless there was a game or work hours – the downtown was dead! I feel downtown has a free spirit vibe so I decided to shoot an outfit that matched it the scene, haha! I am wearing a navy blue T shirt dress from Silence Noise found at Urban Outfitters, my brown Freda Salvador booties, a Chloé satchel bag,and a sweater that I have had for so long that it has no tag so I can’t really tell you where it’s from 🙂 Below I listed some similar sweaters that will achieve a similar look. I am now 24 weeks pregnant BTW so I love comfy and flowy outfits like this.

I hope you enjoy the photos from this downtown inspired look! For more inspiration, be sure to check out my Instagram.

Chloe tan satchel bag

Print sweater from Neiman Marcus

Freda Salvador Booties

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Chloe Tan Satchel bag

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