Home Remodel Update: Sewer Issues

Home Remodel Update

Hello everyone!!!

So our home remodel is moving along, and everyday there’s something new and I just can’t wait to see the final product (haha)! So, the biggest development this past week was getting the sewer line connected to the guest house, which proved to be way more complicated than we anticipated!

One day last week when I was coming home from work, I noticed a bunch of people in our front yard, and I knew by Dustin’s face that something was wrong and I was not going to like it (haha). So basically, where the city indicated our sewer was supposed to be was wrong! We had to dig in our front yard to find it, so we had to remove the majority of the grass and pavers from our driveway! It took two days but we found it, and now everything is under control!

At times like this, I’m so grateful for the amazing contractor that we hired! The Luster team made sure that we were informed about everything, and as soon as the sewer issue was resolved, the hole was covered and the pavers were put back in place. 🙂

Now we are on track, concrete has been poured this week and the next step is framing!! I am so excited I just can’t wait.

A picture says more than a thousand words, so watch the video below see our update in action!

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