How Bloguettes Started

Why we started Bloguettes-Call me Lore

I’m not sure if you guys knew, but my blog, even though I love it, is at this point just a hobby that I have. I love that it motivates me to be creative, and my favorite part is that it gives me a great excuse to take pictures of my family. If it was not for the blog, I would just take pictures on my phone and then regret that I don’t have high quality pictures.

But now onto today’s topic: my real job! hahahah. I am the Co-Founder of the most amazing company called Bloguettes, and one of the questions I get asked the most is how the company got started. So, today I am writing a post about it.

It’s a funny story. When I just graduated with my MBA, I wanted to be an investment banker (clearly I changed career paths hahaha). But as I decided to stay in Arizona and the banking opportunities were limited, I decided to become an entrepreneur. Little by little, I found my passion for everything digital. Soooo, one day at a random business dinner that I was invited to, I met one of the best people that I have ever met– my now best friend and business partner Sakura Considine. At the time, we both had started two online projects that we were trying to grow, so we found out that we had a lot of things in common.

Initially, our friendship grew because we both were trying to help each other figure out what the hell we were doing with the projects that we were involved with at the time. At some point, we realized that so many people like us wanted to figure out how to use Mailchimp, find out the secrets to growing a blog, and learn how to work with brands. It is a very lonely process trying to figure all this stuff out on your own. So, without a lot of planning and with no idea of what Bloguettes was going to become, we created a  two-day workshop! We decided that this was the best option, as we could travel around teaching, have some fun and make some extra money. I laugh thinking about how easy we thought it was going to be! We decided to focus our workshop on branding, blogging, and social media– three components that had to work together to achieve online success.

Months later, we had our first workshop with 12 brave Phoenix entrepreneurs that decided to give us a chance! I am so grateful for these people that were willing to come and learn from two young girls that were not even known. I am never going to forget how my legs were shaking and how I felt nauseous because I was so nervous at that workshop. After it was done and we saw that people loved the class, this gave us the confidence to keep going and put more workshops together.

Now, we are a company that does so much more than workshops. Our core is still education, and our mission is to empower the entrepreneurial age that we live in today. But we now have biweekly webinars, speak at conferences (with waaaay more than 12 people), consult businesses on their brand and social media strategy, and have a monthly subscription for stock photography. If someone would have told me that this would be me today, I would not have believed them. I get to work with people that I love, work on something that I am passionate about, and make a living of it– it’s a dream come true.

So just like in the Oscars, I want to take the time to thank every one of you out there that has helped us build our dream and that has supported us from the beginning. Sakura, you are the best business partner in the world, and our team is the best group of girls. I appreciate everyone so much! Soooo before I cry, I just want to say one more thing: Don’t wait for your dream life to come to you, go create it! It’s possible!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in my next post!

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