6 Melasma Questions Answered with Dermatologist Dr. Romine

If you’ve ever heard of the “pregnancy mask” you’ve heard of melasma. It’s called a “mask” because it’s distinctive brown or grey-brown patches usually cover the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. It’s also been called the bane of dermatologist’s existence because it can be very difficult to treat. I have a combination of sunspots, caused by using BABY OIL (yes I’m not lying baby oil) on my face to tan when I was a teenager, and hormonal melasma caused by my pregnancy.

I have met so many women who, like me,  struggle with melasma (pregnant or not) searching for answers to this tricky chronic skin condition. So I thought who better to share her expertise than Dr. Kristine Romine.  She has completely changed my skin since I started going to her.  My spots were so noticeable that I felt uncomfortable without makeup, she gave me the confidence to go out with no makeup and love my skin and I will always be thankful for that. Along with the videos there is a list of ingredients that help treat melasma and a before/after photo of a melasma treatment.

She is an incredible dermatologist and skin surgeon who has years of experience and has even worked with the chemist who created Retin-A and Botox (read our Botox talk here).

Let’s see what Dr. Romine had to say!







Dealing with Melasma?

Dr. Kristine Romine is passionate about educating and finding treatment to melasma. Below is a before/after photo of a real patient of Dr. Romine’s after a Perfector Plus Peel (which she created ingredient by ingredient).

P.S. she’s offering a FREE melasma treatment consultation to one reader. Head to my Instagram on how to win!

Call Me Lore's Dr. Kristine Romine What is Melasma How to Treat Melasma

Skincare Ingredients to Help Get Rid of Melasma:

  • Tretinonin
  • Hydraquinone
  • Azelaic Acid *can be used in pregnancy
  • Sunscreen *zinc oxide or titanium dixoide
  • Asorbic Acid (vitamin c)

Watch the Entire Melasma Video


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