How to Turn Your Goals Into a Reality + FREE Goal Setting Worksheet

How to reach your goals in 2018

Why is it that New Year’s resolutions have this reputation of being forgotten within the first week or so? Unfortunately, it’s because we don’t often create a system of strategies. It has happened to me a million times!

By creating a strategy from the beginning, we can really set ourselves up for success. I like to think of this as working BACKWARDS–a goal becomes much easier when we create a map of how to get there. By creating smaller goals along the way, we can work towards the big goal. Essentially, little milestones lead to bigger goals accomplished!

First off, why do resolutions often fail?

  1. Most are ready for motivation, but not for true habit change. New habits take time!
  2. Immediate results are not profound
  3. People feel like their goal is out of reach and unrealistic
  4. Focusing on the end goal and not how to get there

Goals are meant to stretch and challenge us. However, we often make the mistake of creating goals that seem unreachable unless the impossible happens. Unfortunately, the new year doesn’t spark a change in us all as soon as we wake up. However, when we limit the feeling of unreachable feats and self-doubt by taking small but essential steps, goals become incredibly easier.

How To Make Your Goals a Reality

  • Set specific goals with a timeline in mind
  • Think backwards and map out small steps to get to your end goal
  • Set aside time each day to do something that works toward your goal
  • Tell your friends and family–they can keep you accountable!
  • Don’t be too strict–allow it to become a part of your daily life
  • Regularly ask yourself, ‘what can I do today that is one step in the right direction?’

I wanted to create a 2018 goal/strategy sheet that breaks down:

  • WHAT your goal is
  • WHY you want it
  • HOW you get there

TIP: Don’t add a million goals! I have been on that road before where I add a million things to a goal sheet and then don’t accomplish any because I am confused as to where to start.

Save this sheet to your desktop, print it out and fill in 5 things you want to do or have in 2018. You can hang it up on your fridge, in your office, or keep it by your bedside table, but I promise if you  take 10 minutes to write this out it will really get you thinking about what you want out of this year. I also sent this to friends and family to motivate them to do the same!

An easy way to start is by planning out ONE step that you take each week that gets you closer to your end goal.

For example, say you have a goal to workout 5 days a week, because it will make you feel happier and healthier with your body and mind. So the “how” could be scheduling your workouts ahead of time in your Google calendar, meeting a friend/trainer at the gym, or writing down how you feel after each workout.

Goal setting can be done all year round. So if you find yourself in a different place in June, start this sheet over. It is here to help with anything you want to see in your life.

I hope this worksheet helps you each and every day as we try to be our best selves.

What are some of my goals for this year?

  • Becoming more efficient with my work time so I can do more in less time and get to spend as much as time as possible with my family
  • Continue to improve my health to feel better and hopefully get off of my thyroid medicine
  • Spend more time taking care of myself. I will make the time to rest, meditate and reflect, and learn how to manage stress better so it does not affect my personal life
  • Successfully launch a new business venture to help new moms (you guys will be hearing more and more about this!)
  • Love and accept myself as I am and let go of the mom guilt that has been with me for the past year and a half!

I am so grateful for each one of you and am so excited for the year to come! Let’s help each other and hold each other accountable.

P.S. Another incredible reference on this type of goal strategizing is called “dreamlining” from Tim Ferris’ book The 4 Hour Work Week, I will link it here so you can check it out (under Chapter 4 dreamline worksheet).

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