Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and the Kids, 2019

Call Me Lore_Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him and Kids, 2019

Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re the mushy gushy romantic or less-than-enthused about ‘heart day’, February 14 rolls around and so does all the pink, red, white, and WAY too much sugar, haha.

Along with all the pink and red tones, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to spend time with the ones you love, for me Valentine’s Day is not just about gifts, but making the people you love most feel special. That may be buying a gift for them (or let’s be real, buying a little something for yourself ;), or just spending some quality time together. Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for Dustin and doing a little something for Diego is how I like to spend this day. Nothing too extravagant 🙂 Read on to see some of my Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2019.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

With gifts for him, I like to get creative for Valentine’s Day. I first like to think about the different areas of Dustin’s life that he’s passionate about, and then go from there. I also like to keep it simple. Personally, I’m not one to go all out for Valentine’s Day, so if I can find something that’s simple, consise, and just what he likes, then I’ve hit the jackpot.

For the Outdoorsy Guy

Dustin likes to go mountain biking. It’s one of his favorite activities! If there’s a new gadget I can get him that he can use on his rides, this is a huge hit. 

For the Tech Guru

Being on top of the game at the office is important. Having the latest tech gadgets are the perfect gift idea because they are unique but useful. Whether it’s Bluetooth headphones or a mug to keep his morning cup of joe hot, finding a gift that he can use on a daily basis is a huge plus.

For a Night In

Forget the fancy night out and consider a fancy night in! Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not very good at cooking and I haven’t always loved it! (I’m getting better about it though!) And with life being crazy right now, there isn’t enough time to go out and find all the groceries and make something. However, for this unique Valentine’s Day idea, consider ordering a meal subscription box. There are many meal subscription boxes that can send meals right to the house for you to make together! 

I have not tried a food subscription box yet, but I love the concept. The Green Chef seems to be the most allergy-friendly offering Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free options and more and a meal for 2 starts at $11.99.

For Understanding Each Other

Dustin and I are always working on ways to better understand each other and one way you can do this is through compatibility tests. Here are a couple good ones to do together. 

  • The Enneagram Test: From the Ennegram Institute, you have to pay to take the test but there are many free versions, like this one. Both of you would take this test individually and get your Ennegram number. Then there is additional information on your number and how your two numbers work together. 
  • The Love Languages: Take this test to find out what your ‘love language’ is. It may be words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch. Knowing this about you and your partner can tell you how to best show love to them and how they can show love to you. 

For the Night You Don’t Want to Cook

So I mentioned you could order a meal to make together, but when you don’t feel like cooking, having a chef come in and cook you a meal can be the perfect solution. is one way you can do this. 

If you would rather go out for a nice romantic dinner, I love Cafe Monarch. J & G Steakhouse and Olive & Ivy are good options as well. 

For the Unique Night Out

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love going out to eat. However, sometimes it’s fun to switch it up a little bit. For those of you who are a bit more adventurous and are looking for something else to do, check out these unique Valentines Day ideas:

  • Test drive his dream car: I know boys love cars hahaha so go to a high performance driving school! I did this with Dustin and to my surprise we both loved it! This one is in AZ. 
  • Take a dance class: Whether you’re into the ballroom scene or would rather do a county swing dance, taking dance lessons is the perfect way to get your heart racing and enjoy some time with your significant other. 
  • Go to a concert: Who says you have to celebrate Valentine’s day on February 14? If there is a concert you both want to see, make a day out of it and celebrate Valentine’s Day before the concert starts. 
Call Me Lore_Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him and Kids, 2019

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Before Diego, it was hard to even imagine loving someone the way you do when you love your kids. Valentine’s Day was another day to spend with Dustin. Now, it’s a day that I can spend one-on-one time with Diego as well. Here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas that you can give to your kids. 

Special Day With Mom and Diego

Lately, I’ve been really into giving experiences rather than giving gifts. Setting aside a special day to spend with your kids is the perfect way to do this. While I love our car rides to and from preschool and swim class, there’s something really fun about setting aside time to intentionally do something special with your kiddo and really be in the moment with them.

1. Bike Ride

Now for those of you who are currently in the winter storm (sorry midwest friends!), this may be something you save until the springtime. But for my fellow AZ moms, this is the perfect time to get out the bikes and take a ride around the neighborhood. Sometimes I even let Diego ride his trike and I walk behind. Not only is this a fun activity for Diego, but I get my daily exercise in, haha!

2. Lunch Date

There’s nothing better than a lunch date, especially when it’s with my Diego! For this special day idea, be sure to get a little dressed up and choose a place that you both like and that is kid-friendly. Food really does bond people together, so spending this sweet time with your kiddo is great! Here are some of my favorite kid-friendly restaurants in Phoenix. 

3. Find Local Attractions

Spend the day in your city and see all that it has to offer. Whether that’s a day at the Phoenix Zoo, the Desert Botanical Garden, or even just a picnic in Papago Park. Especially if you live in Phoenix, taking advantage of these beautiful days before it gets too hot is on every mama’s priority list. 

Call Me Lore_Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him and Kids, 2019

Valentines Day Cookies

I am not a huge fan of sugar. However, during Christmas, I made semi-healthy sugar cookies that were sooo good! It can easily be adapted for Valentines Day with a simple heart-shaped cookie cutter instead of a gingerbread man 🙂 Baking these and then decorating them with you kids is a fun Valentine’s Day activity as well. 

Stylish Valentine’s Day Kids Gifts

Every child loves a little toy now and again. If that the route you want to go (I know I do when I find a cute product, haha) here are a few of my favorite.

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours! What are your unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas? Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram!

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