A Year to be Thankful for

Hello!!! Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone! I hope everyone got to spend good quality time with their family and friends. For us, so far it has been an amazing couple of days, we have had great food, spent a lot of time at home and finally got all our Christmas tree and decorations out!

Today I just felt inspired to write a post about gratitude and thankfulness. As I was going over my Instagram feed on Thanksgiving day, most of the posts were about people that I follow expressing how thankful they were about X or Y. That got me to thinking, why do we focus on being thankful just one day of the year? I know I have so many things to be thankful for and sometimes I forget to be grateful. I just take them as a given and not a gift. Life is so fast paced we rarely have time to sit, reflect & appreciate. Soooo, that is why I decided to write a post about all I am thankful for and how 2016 has completely changed my life. Here we go:

What I’m Thankful For This Year

My Diego. After two miscarriages, I discovered how much I wanted to be a mom and 2016 was finally the year that I got my wish! I am so thankful for a healthy and sweet baby boy. He has given my life a whole new meaning. I will always be grateful for him, for the love and joy he brings to our lives.

For my family. I am a very lucky girl, I have a close and loving family that has always been there for me and I know will always be as I will always be there for them

My husband. Nowadays marriages sometimes lasts a couple of months. I am thankful that I am married to such a good caring man that loves me and supports me no matter what. I love you so much even when you make me mad, wink wink hahaha.

My friends. What would life be without people to enjoy it with? That’s what true friends are for. I am thankful for all the people that I get to call friends and for all the great moments that we have had together.

Doing what I love and having my BF as my business partner. I never understood what people meant when they said, “If you love what you do you will not work a single day in your life” (or something like that)… I have never “worked” a single day since we started Bloguettes. Everyday is a new adventure at the office. I am also very thankful that we get to work with wonderful girls, without them Bloguettes would not be what it is.

-My health and the health of those that I love. Without health we have nothing.

I could keep going forever about all the things that I am thankful for but I will stop right there because I don’t want this post to turn into a book 🙂 All the pictures from this post are from the past year. I can’t believe how many things happened and yet time flew. 2016, thank you for being the best year yet!!

What are you thankful for and how do you remind yourself to always stay thankful?

Thank you for stopping by!

Call me Lore- Things that I am thankful for!

Call me Lore- Things that I am thankful for!

Call me Lore, Baby boy nursery inspiration

Call me Lore wearing a maternity overall from ASOS

Baby Boy Baby Shower - Call me Lore


Baby Boy Baby Shower- Call me Lore

Call me Lore wearing SEA Top and Stella Mccartney jeans

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Call me Lore- Things that I am thankful for!

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