What Your Hairdresser Wants You to Know with Tara of Hainsworth & Company

what your hairdresser wants you to know

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, the one when where, no matter what you do, your hair will not cooperate? Whether your wavy hair won’t stay straight, your straight hair won’t stay curly, or your messy bun just isn’t cutting it! Believe me, I’ve been there!

After having Diego, I dealt with post-pregnancy hair loss! (You can read more about how I overcame that here!) Not only did it make doing my hair every day difficult, but it affected my confidence. I was feeling discouraged. Then along came my friend Tara from her salon, Hainsworth & Co. and she changed my life! Tara helped move my hair journey forward! From putting in extensions to simple colors and trims, her amazing talent has not only given me confidence, but it’s allowed me to love my hair again!

Through my experience, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having a great relationship with your hairdresser. You are trusting them with your hair after all! But more than that, a good relationship with your hairdresser can let you be honest with them about your concerns which allows them to help you do the best thing possible for your hair. But in order to do that, there are some basic things that hairdressers want their clients to know! So, I asked Tara to share a few of those with me, and I want to share them with you! Hopefully, this helps you find a great hairdresser to help make your hair journey amazing.

What are the top 4 things you wish your clients knew?

  1. We as your Hair Designers are only responsible for your hair 2-3 hours every 6-10 weeks if we are lucky (during your hair appointment). You are responsible for it the rest of the time. Make sure you are hiring a hairdresser that makes it a priority to educate you on how you take care of your hair at home.
  2. Professional Hair Products are NECESSARY when maintaining your professional hair color (especially if you have hair extensions).
  3. Try to avoid heat by styling your hair one time in between washes. It’s the easiest way to avoid any excess heat damage on your hair. Keep in mind all our natural oils and product buildup that the heat is styling over. Heat + Oils = not so good.
  4. No two heads of hair are the same. Everyone’s hair is DIFFERENT! When you see a photo of a color or cut that becomes your hair inspo, keep in mind that everything about their hair could be entirely different in turn could mean that your hair may not result in the same ways.

What’s the biggest hair myth you see people believing?

what your hairdresser wants you to know

The biggest hair MYTH that so many seem to believe is: not trimming your hair so your hair will grow longer / faster. One thing that continues to prove this myth wrong is the true fact that once your ends split there is NO repairing it, despite what any products may say and have you believe. Think of a run in your pantyhose: once it starts it will continue to run all the way towards the seam. It’s the same as your hair when the ends split. It will continue to split all the way to its “seam” (your roots). So keep in mind your Hair Designer should be recommending a hair schedule that adjusts to your desired goal of growing your hair out. I would typically recommend pushing your trims out longer to more of a 10-12 week schedule, and I may even recommend switching to dry cutting.

Is it really possible to “grow” thicker hair?

Unfortunately no, but keep in mind that there are SO many things that can be done to protect the hair that you DO have, and repairing some of the damage done in the past to help the root of those hairs have a chance to grow. The saying “Patience is Key” rings the truest when used in this context. To grow your hair requires patience, time, money, and most importantly, the correct Hair Designer that will teach you and keep your hair on the right path towards length and fullness.

Are extensions a good solution to thinning hair?

It CAN be! Extensions are a gift from the hair gods! Although, they can be done incorrectly way to easily. I also believe that certain methods should NOT be used on thinning or thin hair. The most important thing you should do is find a Hair Designer that can understand your hair goal vision as well as what your hair can truly handle. A method should be decided after a thorough consultation and a CLEAR understanding has been made.

What are some products you SWEAR by?

These 4 are my MUST & GO TO’s for any and every hair type:

I hope this encourages you to talk to your hairdresser about your hair goals so that you can work to achieve them together!

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