The Importance of Working With the Right People

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As I mentioned in previous posts I am not a full time blogger. My “real” job and personal passion is Bloguettes the company that I co-founded with my BFF Sakura Considine, and we make an amazing team. She was gone from the office for two days (super sick at home) and all I can say is that it felt like something was off! That feeling is what gave me the inspiration to write this post – it’s so important to find the right people to work with. People that can help you achieve your goals and dreams, pick you up when you’re down, congratulate you when something amazing happens and of course – help get things done!

People always ask us at our workshops why our Bloguettes partnership works works so well… I think it’s because we are very similar people with similar goals in life but with a very DIFFERENT skillset. We complement and understand each other. If we had the same strengths it would be hard to build the company and make decisions, so we trust each other and we focus on different parts of the business – both because it matches our skillset and to make sure we don’t get in each other’s way! I think when business relationships become complicated is when two people are trying to work on the same thing. In these couple years we both have learned so much about each other but we both make sure that communication, honesty, reflexion, openness, and respect are everyday priorities. Even if you don’t want to build a business with a partner you will still need to look for people that complement your weaknesses, that question your decisions, and believe in your vision.

When I decided to start the blog I knew that I needed some help because if I want it to be successful I need to be consistent. That’s where this cute girl that you see on the pics with me on this post comes in. Even though I have always had a passion for fashion I knew I was going to need some help with planning. Someone that understood my vision for the blog as well as my style and that was going to come in to add something special to the project. So after randomly meeting Julie, she started helping me with styling and creative ideas for the blog – and I think she’s awesome!

I know sometimes it’s hard to ask for help or delegate since we entrepreneurs always think that we will do it better than anyone… Doing everything yourself may leave you drained and exhausted (believe me, haha). Learn how to pick the right people to surround yourself with. Do whatever you can to keep the good ones around and be quick to get rid of the bad ones! To all of you business owners reading the post what do you think? How do you pick the right people to work with?

P.S Quick pregnancy update! This week I turn 31 weeks and by bump is getting bigger than ever… Now you can see it with most all my outfits! This little guy is growing so fast!

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Grey Stem Maxi Dress and Pedro Garcia Shoes

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Grey Stem Maxi Dress and Pedro Garcia Shoes

Grey Stem Maxi Dress and Pedro Garcia Shoes

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  1. Dee
    April 2, 2016 / 7:36 pm

    So many right on points!
    – share the work giving work to those skilled
    – pour into the right people, quickly end mismatch employment.
    – value others by listening, supporting, equipping!
    So smart! Thanks!

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