5 Easy Ways to Get Your Morning News

Call me Lore- 5 Easy Ways to get your news

Hello everyone!

Today my post is not about family, fashion, or beauty, which is a shocker! (haha) As passionate as I am about all of those things, my biggest passion has always been to continuously learn and be informed. With how busy life can get sometimes, it’s hard to know what’s going on our city, country, and the rest of the world. Somehow we all magically know who all the Kardashian sisters are dating, but now, but we are not as aware of events and politics that are going on around us and that might have an impact on our lives.

So taking into consideration that most of us busy moms sometimes barely have time to shower, I have put together a list of 5 easy ways to get your news. Whether you hide in the bathroom for 10 minutes in the morning or trade in your solo singing time in the car to listen to the news, there is a way to find time to do it. Of course, when I have the time I love to read full newspaper articles or listen to an hour long podcast, but I rarely have time to do it, so today I will focus on 5 quick ways to can get the news.

Here are some ways I like to stay informed:

The Skim

The Skim is a weekday newsletter that summarizes the most important news of the day. It literally takes me 5 minutes to read and I love that everything is written with a little sarcasm and humor. They launched just as a newsletter but now they also have an app that has a calendar, a skim reads section that takes you through relevant articles on other publications, and my favorite section: NO EXCUSES. In this section, they focus on specific topics and allow you to learn all there is to know, like about immigration and healthcare. You can also access the daily skim from the app.


This is another daily newsletter. It’s similar to the Skim, but this one does not have an app. What I like about this one besides the fact that you get the all you need to know in an easy way is that they also mix in some fun. For example, they might send a video that went viral or something that you would want to share with friends (haha).

Reuters TV App

Sometimes I don’t even have 5 minutes after I wake up to read a newsletter, so I get updated while I am driving to the office. I love the Reuters TV app because it has the latest news. If you’re not driving, you can watch the video if you are driving you can just listen to the 15 minute update. I love that they also have a features section where they compile stories that are related to one topic.

The Daily Podcast

Similar to Reuters, I listen to this when I have to drive somewhere. I love music but when time is limited I have made it a point to even make the most of the time spent in the car. Similar to Reuters it’s a 20 min news summary but Reuters is a little bit more superficial with the topics while The daily might go a little bit more in depth. So I like to listen to both!

Vice News

This is Dustin’s favorite. If you have HBO you can watch it. If reading a newsletter or listening to the news while in the car doesn’t sound good to you, you might like VICE NEWS. It’s a 30 minute news summary where they focus on the headline news in the beginning of the show and then go in depth into one issue. I really love this show and the quality of the interviews and the guests are amazing from my perspective.

Something that I appreciate about all of these sources of news is that they focus on news that matters, not just on the news that I don’t necessarily care about.

What are your favorite ways to stay updated on current events? Let me know in the comments below!

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