5 Fun Family Activities to Try This Fall

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It’s officially starting to feel like Fall here in Arizona (below 80 degrees haha), which means it’s time to bring out the sweaters, homemade soup (or if you are me buy soup), fall colors and all of the great things that come with a the start of a new season.

I’m so excited for Fall with Diego, and if you haven’t seen on my Instagram stories, I can’t get him to take off his Halloween costume so I expect him to wear it until Christmas! There are so many fun activities to do as a family in the Fall, but every year I get caught up doing the same things–going to a pumpkin patch and watching holiday movies. Then before I know it, Fall is gone!

This year, I’ve tried to come up with some creative ideas to appreciate the season — and enjoy some time as a family. Here are my top 5 family activities to try this season!

Fall Family Activities

Evening Bike Rides

This may seem like the most simple thing to do, but it’s a family favorite of ours. Here in Arizona, the temperatures have just started to cool down at the end of October and a bike ride at dusk after dinner can be the perfect way to wind down. It lets us explore the neighborhood and Diego loves pointing out all of the animals. Plus, it gives Dustin and I a little evening exercise and sometimes it’s the only time of the day when we don’t have our phones and we get to talk about our days!

For Diego, We got an amazing bike cart that allows us to take him everywhere with us. Here are some other places you can take your bikes:

  • Family brunch or breakfast – our favorite family breakfast during this time of year is at the Camelback Inn Sunday Brunch. If you live in Scottsdale area, I highly recommend it. There is so much room for the kids to run around.
  • The farmer’s market – We like the Old Town Market and the McCormick Ranch is one that just opened.
  • Local park – Our favorite is the Scottsdale Train Park.

Holiday Treats (Even Kids Can Make)

There’s something about being together in a kitchen as a family that really makes a house feel like a home, and the holidays a little sweeter. Diego is just old enough and curious enough now to help out here and there. I’ve found a couple recipes that I love to make and let Diego help out with:

Visit A Local Orchard

So many people go pumpkin picking around Halloween, but apple picking is just as fun! Depending on where you live, the different produce is in season but there are a lot of apples that ripen in October. You can usually find Granny Smith, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp and Pink Lady apples at local farms or orchards in Arizona.

Apples are one of the highest fiber-packed fruits and are rich in antioxidants, so no feeling guilty about the kids having too much Halloween candy. One of my favorite orchards if you are in the Phoenix area is Mother Nature’s Farm in Gilbert, AZ. It’s a fun chance to let Diego run around at a beautiful place and support our local business community.

P.S. Mother Nature’s Farm is having a Snow Day in December!

Decorate Pumpkins (Toddler-Friendly)

Give your own twist on pumpkin decor this year and do a craft that’s safe for even your toddlers (no more worrying about them as they try to carve haha). Just grab a couple of paint colors, brushes, googly eyes and stickers and let them go wild!

Pumpkins are great fall decorations even past Halloween, and it’s so fun to see how proud kids are of their crafts. You can even make a chic black and white striped pumpkin (like this one here) or add some gold studs. In case you need a little inspiration photos here are one, two, and three cute decorated pumpkin ideas.

Indoor Games For The Chilly Days

Some days you just want to stay cozy inside, but that can also lead to a little too much screen time. Here are some easy ways to occupy the little ones:

  • Shaving Cream Doodles
    • Grab some $2 shaving cream from the drugstore and spray it across a glass table for not only a fun activity that has some sensory learning for your kid but depending on their age, it could become a fun way to learn how to draw shapes or letters. Here is an easy ‘fall marbled leaf’ craft using some shaving cream, paint and cardstock paper.
    • Another great sensory learning activity for kids is slime, and the slime craze is real right now. Diego is still a little young to be left alone with slime but here is a good non-toxic slime that’s easy to make.
  • Pumpkin Ring Toss
    • Instead of the normal ring toss, make it festive by using the stem of your leftover Halloween pumpkins! This is a great game that helps with motor skills and depth perception.
  • Build A Fort
    • There is something magical about building a fort on a cold day, especially if it ends with hot chocolate.
  • Turkey Hand Craft
    • Is there a better craft around Thanksgiving? Tracing their hand to craft the perfect turkey is a pretty simple craft that always really helps with motor and drawing skills. Another option is painting their hand to make a turkey handprint.

I hope at least one of these ideas gives you something new to do this Fall! If you have any other fun ideas for the season, be sure to let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram!

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Family Fall Activities-Call me Lore

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