How To Fight Mom Brain

Utterly exhausted, completely delirious, and possibly hormonal? Sounds like mom / pregnancy brain.

There’s something about running after your kid (or growing one) day after day and trying to remember all of the things you need to remember that makes you a bit more forgetful. I call it “mom brain”.

I made a humorous little video that you can find below of some of my mom fails (like when I took the dog’s antibiotic instead of my prenatal vitamin) so you can join in and laugh about what happens to all of us. We’re human! and I blame it all on my mom brain.

But with time and after a lot of mistakes and missed appointments, I have found some things that actually fight it and make you feel like yourself again! Read along as I share some of the tips that have helped me.

My Biggest Mom Fails-Call me Lore-12

Take A Walk (Alone)

Alone time is hard to come by but if we make it a priority, it’s possible and wow, does it work! Whether it’s leaving for work just 15 minutes earlier to get a quick morning walk in or enjoying an evening stroll through the neighborhood as your little one spends some special time with dad, it’s so beneficial. It allows you to take some time to clear your thoughts.

Sometimes, I feel like my brain can’t handle one more thing! Trying to rememeber my tasks, who I need to call, what will we have for dinner, and so on can sometimes end up with me getting grumpy. But I find that taking a quick walk outside in the fresh air resets me and allows me to think clearer and keep going!

Fuel Your Brain With the Right Supplements

I’ve talked about my favorite beauty supplements on the blog before, but they really do work! There are supplements made especially to feed your brain the nutrients and vitamins it needs. I love the  The Beauty Chef’s Body Inner Beauty Powder because it includes alkalizing greens, plant protein, and matcha which are great for focus and concentration. I use this as my protein powder in my morning smoothie.

Another favorite of mine is The Spirit Dust from Moon Juice which I sometimes add to my tea. I wish I could drink coffee, but my body hates coffee. This powder has ingredients like ashwaganda root and reishi mushroom extract, which are known for their calming and anti-anxiety properties.

I also love Bulletproof’s Brain Octane–this is the one that I try to drink every single day! I asked you guys on Instagram for your opinion a few months ago and everyone said they loved it so I ordered it and I have actually noticed a difference! Fat is good for our brains girls!

I encourage you to research different beauty supplements out there, and if you decide you want to try one of these let me know how what you think!

Exercise, Even If It’s For Just 10 Minutes

This rule is one that I have noticed makes a huge difference in my focus and energy. No matter how busy or tired I am, I have to move and try to at least break a sweat each day. I’ve gotten in the routine of using my Peloton Bike as soon as I wake up in the mornings and some days (maybe once a month haha), it’s for 60 minutes and other days its only 20 minutes. But it wakes me up, and gets me started on the right foot. We need endorphins not just to be happy, but to focus!

I know how easy it is to make up excuses or spend 5 minutes thinking about excuses of why you can’t workout, but try to use those 5 minutes to do something! We are thankfully in an age where there are so many flexible online programs that you can do from home and fit into your schedule.

Don’t like classes? Run for 15 minutes outside! Before you sit on the couch, be mindful about what is better for you!

Let Your Phone Work For You

There are so many tools and apps that can make our lives easier. Whether it’s a scheduling, calendar, grocery list, etc. there really is an app for everything. Whenever I am running around and think of something I need to do, instead of scrambling for a scrap paper and pen, I use Siri and put it in my notes before I forget. I also wrote an entire post breaking down the best apps to help you stay organized, take a look here if you want to check it out!

Most Importantly, SLEEP

Ok, this one is easier said than done I know. But the amount of research on how important sleep is for your mental health is pretty crazy.

Creating a space that has the right light, sounds and temperature can be an important factor to getting a good night’s rest. Natural sleep remedies if you have trouble include a hot tea before bed, melatonin, and (my personal favorite) The Beauty Chef’s Sleep Powder which has fermented turmeric and lemon balm. Just as we make sleep a priority for our children, sleep needs to be a priority for us moms, too!

I hope these tips are helpful! Alright, now take a look at some of my mom fails below for a few laughs.

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