How Branding Can Make or Break Your Business

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Whether you know it or not, every business has a brand. It’s become a buzzword that people throw around here and there, but what is branding?

Branding is how people see you. It’s what people feel when they have an interaction with your company.

It’s what reminds them of you or your business, and how it makes them feel. It is a part of every detail of a business and one of the most important ways to stand out. We often think of colors, a logo, packaging, and other visuals as all that branding is BUT company voice, tone, brand promise, company culture, etc all play an important role on who you are as a brand. It’s in the way that the brand speaks, interacts with the community, their available online presence, and more.

At Bloguettes we have focused on educating creating a strong brand through our workshops, blog, and classes. But we began to realize that yes we could teach the principles but at the end of the day entrepreneurs often wear many hats and sometimes creating the brand is the hardest thing for them to do. They spend so much time on developing the product or service that they can’t identify who the brand is in a few sentences and HOW to convey that correctly to the consumer.

So Bloguettes has transformed into a branding agency that still educates entrepreneurs, but we also partner with business owners to create a brand that expresses how they want their brand to be perceived by potential customers. It’s all about truly understanding the product, the value, and the mission and creating an identity that connects with the target audience. We use our years of experience to build ideas, set goals, and implement the brand.

But if you would rather see for yourself what branding can do for a business, keep reading.

The Benefits Of  Great Branding

1. Build Credibility

This one is incredibly important because it comes down to customer trust. No matter how new or old a business is, continually showing that you are a credible brand in what you do and share is important. The customers of today’s information age are very skeptical. So you sell XYZ but what makes me believe that I can trust your brand’s intentions and quality over all of the other hundreds of companies out there. The internet has given us the ability to reach people we never could before, but it makes it more important to show that the brand is trustworthy and deserves that customer’s time and money.

2. Set You Apart From Others

Why YOU? The Internet has been incredible for giving anyone the chance and level platform to create their own business. However, that also means much more competitors or at least similar companies. Not only in your product or service should something be unique to the brand, but in how the brand comes off to a customer visually and emotionally should they be different. This is where the brand creates memorability, and another  answer to “why you?”

3. Build Relationships with Customers

It is crucial that brands interact with their audience daily. Think of a brand that you love and feel that you have a relationship with. Either you feel a part of the brand, feel comfortable interacting with the brand, or feel you want to support the brand. When the brand becomes a discussion with friends or other customers connect with each other on their love for the company, that is when the brand becomes a part of the customer’s life.

4. Follow Society & Culture Changes

Branding that is done well, allows for flexibility. The flexibility to move with the changes of technology and culture, just as your customers change you should be able to as well. Brand guidelines that anticipate that need for flexibility allow you to stay true to your brand and stay recognizable.

6. Create Word of Mouth Business

Today a small business can spend little to no money on advertising. Just some great branding and social media are all one needs to get people to talk about a business. Word spreads like wildfire and if your brand connects with someone on an emotional level and makes them feel excited and passionate, that one person wants to tell their friends and family. Which in turn also creates more credibility than any advertising can.

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