The Best Leather Jackets for Fall 2017

Call me Lore's Favorite Leather Jackets 2017

Hello everyone!

As I have mentioned before one of my favorite things to do online (when I have extra time, which is rare), is browse different stores to see what amazing new things are out. Aaaaand since I can’t buy everything, my next best thing is creating a blog post about my most favorite things! This time, I decided to focus on leather jackets, a must for the fall and winter seasons.

I think no one’s closet is complete without a black leather jacket and nowadays, you don’t have to break the bank in order to get one that you love. My personal favorite this season for a traditional style that you can have for a long time is from Ganni. I love having fun with leather jackets in different colors but I would personally not make a huge investment in colors or designs that are just trendy. I think the selection from Topshop and Zara allow you to have fun and be trendy without making a huge investment!

I hope you enjoy the jackets I have picked below, and let me know what your favorites are!

  1. Noir Kei Moto Jacket | 2. Ganni Passion Leather Jacket | 3. Rebecca Taylor Vegan Leather Jacket | 4. Alexander McQueen Moto Leather Jacket | 5. LPA jacket 58 | 6. Alice and Olivia Biker Jacket | 7. Zara Leather Effect Jacket | 8. Saint Laurent Biker Jacket | 9. All Saints Balfern Biker Leather Jacket | 10. TopShop Studded Biker Jacket

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