Best Summer Dresses

Call me Lore Best Summer Dresses

Hello!!! So today while I was browsing the interwebs with NO ( that´s what I tell dustin haha) intention of buying new dresses for Cabo I saw so many cute ones that I decided to put together a quick post with some my favorites ones.

As the Fall season is coming soon, a lot of summer dresses are on sale. For us Arizonans this works out great because our summer lasts until almost November! But for all of you guys that do not live in the desert it´s a great opportunity to stock up on dresses for next year. I know we all love to wear new things that are in season but I think if you buy good quality and timeless pieces you should be able to wear them for at least a couple of years.

On the collage below I have outlined some of my favorites, click on the links below to shop ! Let me know if you have any other favorites!


Call me Lore Best Summer Dresses


1. SEA| 2. Xirena| 3. Prose and Poetry| 4. Rebecca Taylor|5. Rebecca Taylor| 6. Vince| 7. Splendid| 8. Joie| 9. Current Elliott| 10. Draper James



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