The Best YouTube Channels for Kids

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So today, I will be talking about my favorite YouTube channels for young kids around Diego’s age. Before I had Diego, I remember always telling Dustin how much I was against little babies and kids watching Youtube on their parent’s phone or computer for hours. Now that I am a parent though, I understand that that is just simply the way the world works today. It’s a personal decision as to how much and how often you allow your kids to use your phone and also watch YouTube videos. However, I do think there is a way to make the time your kids spend on electronics beneficial for them. Keep reading to learn more!

What Works for Us?

Even though I am more understanding about why kids are so exposed at a young age to phones and Youtube, I still do not agree on using it as a distraction. I believe that watching TV or YouTube videos with your baby should be a time for bonding and another activity that you can do as a family. So, with Diego (who by the way is addicted to cartoons and songs already haha), we decided to implement it as part of his schedule. It’s funny to see how focused he gets watching his shows!

Because this is part of Diego’s schedule, he knows when to expect it. Every morning after he wakes up and we play and have breakfast, I sit him on my lap for 15 min before I go to work and watch some of his favorite videos. At night before bath time, the three of us sitting front of the TV for another 20-30 min and watch TV as a family. This didn’t come easy, but we decided to do this after we saw that Diego just wanted to watch it all the time and we were not ok with it. We caught ourselves not thinking and giving him the phone every time he was upset, and we decided we were not ok with that. So, we made a decision that Phone, TV, Youtube, or whatever it may be, needed to be considered another family activity, not just a distraction. I know this is a controversial topic between moms and I do not mean to judge anyone that thinks differently, this is just what works for our family!

What Do I Look for In a YouTube Channel for Diego?

There are a million YouTube channels for kids out there, so how to do you find the best ones? I think best is a relative term–you have to find the ones that work best for you and your kid. With Diego, I look for channels that have engaging graphics, music (he loves to dance), that have language options because we speak Spanish and English at home, and are educational so he can learn something while we watch.

My Top 4 YouTube Channels for Kids

Finally after all that introduction, here are my top 4 picks. To learn a little bit more about each one, watch my video below!

  1. El Reino Infantil
  2. Little Baby Bum
  3. Super Simple Songs
  4. Baby Einstein

I know as he grows up Diego will like different things, but for now, he is perfectly content watching the same video 10,000 times!

What other Youtube channels do you guys recommend watching with your kids? Let me know in the comments below!

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