The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Call Me Lore's Do's and Don'ts of Digital Marketing Tips

Almost every day, a business owner comes to Bloguettes confused about social media and digital marketing, looking for answers. Most often they ask, how can I gain Instagram followers? How do I build great social media? How do I target online customers? But more often than not they’re lacking the foundation understanding of digital marketing or are trying to use strategies that just scratch the surface level.

There’s a huge emphasis on Instagram right now and so many companies are caught up in what they can do to grow their following. But it’s just a small part of the sphere of digital marketing.

But this year, creating Majka (my first product-based business) has allowed me to experience the side of digital marketing as a brand and not just a consultant. The chance to work on both sides has been incredibly eye opening and I wanted to share my insight with quick tips on how to grow  your business or personal brand online.

First let’s define digital marketing. Digital marketing is, the marketing of products or services through digital media channels to reach customers. There are different digital channels through which the marketing can be done. Social media has become the most well known form of digital marketing, but digital channels also include email marketing, search engine optimization, mobile phone marketing (such as a company’s creation of an app).

Digital Marketing Tips

Call Me Lore's Do's and Don'ts of Digital Marketing Tips

The Do’s of Digital Marketing

Be interactive and focus on value

From your content, to your visuals, and even your site, everything must to be an experience. An enjoyable UNIQUE experience. Think about how you read scroll the Internet, if something is cut and dry you scroll past in less than a second. When a website, email, or social media account doesn’t have interactive content and visuals you not only scroll past but feel no credibility for the business. If they don’t put in the time for the details of my experience, why should I?

We’re playing a time game in this age of information overload, we don’t want to waste our time. The user needs to feel like their experience with your brand is benefiting them. Find ways to make an experience for the audience that is interactive, innovate and different. We live in an age of information overload so our brains our searching for that bite size information that we can take and go.

You MUST bring your customer value! Do not post on social, send email, or write blog posts just because you feel the need to. Is that #NationalIceCreamDay photo bringing value to your customer or does it just create a “pretty grid”. Consumers are trying to weed through content in seconds, make it worth their while.

Be Flexible

Digital marketing is changing EVERY day. There are amazing innovations coming to online marketing platforms and social medias. Don’t let it scare you, but it is usually in your benefit to adapt to the changes. Make sure you or someone on your team is constantly staying on top of the trends and is ready to lead your business. Be a part of the changes that come with technology or get left behind. Be an early adaptor, because trends come and go fast but leading the change brings much more attention than showing up late.

Treat your business like a million dollar business (even if it’s not)

When it comes to your photography, website, social media (even down to the captions), etc. make it COUNT towards your brand. Act like you are a Fortune500 or you have 1M followers and don’t settle to just get something out there. Everything you share online has a lifetime digital footprint. People will judge your brand in 2 seconds.

Understand digital marketing OUTSIDE of just social media

Create a holistic strategy that includes social media, email marketing, blog posts. paid social, and influencer marketing! All of these are stronger together!! From my perspective, it’s a waste to capture peoples emails  on your site if you dont have a plan on how  you will be following up with them. Remember potential  clients or buyers need  to see you multiple times before they  decide to  buy.

The Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Never underestimate the power of a good brand

Nowadays it’s not enough to just have an amazing product that works but its also imperative to have a solid brand around it. By brand I not just mean a cute logo, you need a strong visual identity but also a strong brand strategy. Feel confident in your understanding of who you are as a brand, your values, voice and what makes you different. Having a firm understanding of your brand and how to communicate that with your customers and employees will make an immense difference for your digital presence. Customers want to connect. Branding is an experience and feeling that goes beyond  your visuals. They should be able to recognize the work or presence of your brand without a single logo.

Don’t just rely on Instagram

Instagram has grown SO big and companies want to know “how can I gain followers”. But with the new algorithms, that changes everyday, there is no quick answer. Be consistent on Instagram and take it seriously but don’t forget Pinterest, Facebook, and old school marketing. Make sure the content you share on each platform is what best for that platform! What works on Instagram might not work on Pinterest. Whether it’s you or someone on your team, understand the benefits and strengths of each platform and work them to your advantage.

Don’t focus on follower count

Focus on community! It does not serve you to have 1M  followers if those followers are not connecting  with  you and ultimately not buying your products or services or helping you to increase your brand exposure. Focus on making Instagram your portfolio, make sure people that come across your brand on the platform connect with it as soon as they land on your profile. Make sure that your message and your value are easy to understand. Some people might not choose to follow. But they might look at your profile a few times and eventually become a customer. That for me, is more important than a gaining a follower.

What are some of your favorite digital marketing tips? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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