Back to School Guide: What to Have for Preschool and Elementary School Kids

Call Me Lore's Back to School Guide for Toddlers Preschool and Elementary

It’s that time of year again! A little routine brought back to the lives of families everywhere and (maybe just maybe) some free time for mom and dad. There’s a true bittersweetness to that back to school time. I hate saying goodbye to Diego every time I drop him off and I’ll always think about him while I’m at work, BUT those hours he gets to play at school, I get to work and feeling like I am sticking to a routine is SO helpful for me.

Although Diego is still in preschool, I have gone head first searching for the best back to school items. Anything that makes life EASIER, quicker, or better… I’m all about finding it and sharing with other moms. If you’re in the process of choosing a preschool, as I was last year, you can find my preschool checklist here with all the best questions to ask during a visit to a potential school here.

Below is my back to school guide fit for toddlers, elementary age, or even older and no this isn’t the school supplies list your child’s school gives out, this is the busy mom edit. Hover over any item to shop!

As always, please share any of your go-to products, lifesaver, and tips below in the comments!

What “Should Be” On The Supplies List

Being a mom means you are an A+ trouble shooter. You are scoping out the “what if” scenarios and making sure your family is prepared. Sunscreen is SO important for kids during recess, especially if you live somewhere warm like we do. Another school must-have I didn’t think of until Diego started school was an art apron! Especially one with sleeves to protect their clothes.


Fun and Functional Backpacks

Kids backpacks are the SO cute! But so often, kids end up with the same backpack which could end in a mixup. These backpacks are fun, functional, (some even waterproof), and are different than the typical kids backpack that falls apart by May.


Lunch Time Essentials

This is my FAVORITE category. Not because I’m a crazy great chef (because if you know me you know I like quick and easy) but because this is where I really find things that make my life easier. Eating healthy is very important to me and a little reusable meal set that’s in a fun shape makes it fun for my son and that’s a mother’s dream. Packing kids lunches, we use millions of plastic bags. I recently switched to the Stasher reusable storage bags and they are not only eco-friendly but end up taking up less space or end in less of a mess.


He’s Wardrobe Ready

Ready to play but dressed for success! Boys are easy in this category when you stick to shorts and a tee or polo. But I love these items for a great back to school wardrobe. The yellow linen shorts are not linked on the image but you can find them here on 62% off sale!


She’s Wardrobe Ready

I call this, “I don’t have a girl but if I did she would wear…” category. These pieces can be mixed for warmer or cooler days. Versatility is the greatest thing to find in new back to school clothes.


Extra Tips:

  • For name labels, I like to use a company called Stuck on You. The labels are customizable so you can include your child’s name and even your phone number if you want. The multipurpose label is my favorite, I put it on everything from Diego’s water thermos to school clothes (yes they stay on through the wash)! The name stamp comes in handy so jackets, shoes, and any clothes don’t get mixed up with anyone else’s.
  • If your kids have to wear a uniform that requires khaki pants or shorts, Gymboree sells the best! Great price and durable enough to be kid proof.
  • Check if your school is registered with! If it is, you can buy all the school supplies with just one click and get them delivered to your house, such a time saver.
  • If you can’t find a long sleeve apron for art class use one of your old shirts.

My Amazon List

Follow along on my Instagram for my Amazon list of other great finds for all your back to school needs! You can also check out my Amazon back to school list here.

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