My Favorite Natural Skincare Products

Favorite Natural Skincare Products - Call me Lorec

Nowadays we are are all so concerned about what we eat because we are aware of the impact and consequences that bad foods have not just on our health but also on our productivity. Well, I think we should all be just as concerned by what we use on our skin… It hit me one day. Why am I worrying so much about eating healthy and on the other side I am putting all these chemicals on my skin, our biggest organ that absorbs over half the products that we put on it? I decided to make a conscious effort into being healthy not just with the food I eat but also with the use of natural and organic skincare products.

Through this past year I have definitely tried a fair share of products, let’s just say I am the type of girl that will try anything that promises better skin  (Yes, I have had both egg & mayo on my face & in my breakfast sandwich). All this experimentation helped me to find these products that I am showing you on the photos below. My type of skin is combination so my skincare regime is focused on that. Soooo here is all I do and use in my attempt to get the perfect skin:


1) I wash my face with Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

2) As a second step I tone my skin with the Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence, which is meant not just to tone but also to hydrate the skin. You can also use it to freshen up your skin during the day, on those moments when your face feels tired and dry after staring at the computer for 8 hours haha.

3) While my skin is still moist with the floral essence I use the rejuvenating serum, this is my anti-aging step.  No one wants a forehead with a million lines right?

4) My last step in the morning is putting on sunscreen, recently I discovered this amazing brand called Suntegrity, a mineral sunscreen brand. Since I am as white as Casper I need to wear sunscreen everyday to avoid TERRIBLE sunspots.


1) First step at night is remove my makeup, for this I use Dermalogica precleanse wipes to get my day face face off šŸ™‚

2) For the cleanser at night I use Dark Angels from Lush. It truly has been an amazing product I have not had one single breakout since I started using it. I am not gonna lie it’s a little hard to take off and it makes your sink super messy but it is all worth it. Clean sink or clear face? I will go with clear face.

3) Almost done guys, for the last step I mix three Kypris products together: Moonlight Catalyst (Retinal alternative for anti aging), Antioxidant Dew (moisturizing), and Beauty Elixir II (helps balance combination skin) I mix them all together. I fell in love with this company – their products are awesome and my skin feels amazing before I go to bed. We don’t want to shock our husbands with our no makeup face at night so I try to make it look as glowing and moisturized as I can haha.

Extra Masks that I like:

Resurfacing Mask from Tata Harper for when my skin needs to look alive.

Purifying  Mask from Tata Harper

Problem Solver by May Lindstrom, if I am having some breakouts this is the solution!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you get to try some of these products. If you you have any favorites that you think I should try please leave a comment I would love to know what you like to use.


Favorite Natural Skincare Products - Call me Lorec

Favorite Natural Skincare Products - Call me Lorec

Favorite Natural Skincare Products - Call me Lorec

Favorite Natural Skincare Products - Call me Lorec

Favorite Natural Skincare Products - Call me Lorec

Favorite Natural Skincare Products - Call me Lorec

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