Home Remodel Update: Setting the Foundation

Hello everyone!

So, in my last video, I did a little home tour to explain the vision that we have for our home remodel and addition. Now, we have officially started the whole process! As soon as the excavator came and knocked out our wall, I knew it had officially begun!

The first couple of weeks, the focus was on getting the ground ready, installing the construction fence, doing the excavation, removing some trees, and finalizing the grading. Even though it might look like nothing has been done, progress has been made every day! However, I am starting to have my doubts about whether the house will actually be ready before Diego’s first birthday. If so, we might actually have to consider another location.

For this next week, the main focus will be on the plumbing and sewer installation and some other things that I don’t really understand (haha). As for me (and topics that I am actually familiar with), I will be meeting with our interior designer over the weekened to pick out finishes and FINALLY start designing my new closet, Diego’s new playroom, and our new patio! I am so excited for all of this, and I’m really trying to focus on how amazing everything will be once it’s done rather than the minor details or headaches that come with living in the house while all this is going on!

Check out this video below to see how the process is coming along! Also, how cute is Diego driving his little car? Thank you for stopping by and I will see in my next post!


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