Choosing The Right Foundation For Your Skin

Call Me Lore's How to Choose The Best Foundation For Your Skin Best Foundation Shade Citrine Natural Beauty Bar

The amount of time I have spent walking into a store looking for a new foundation just to stare at an aisle of options not sure where to start, is crazy. Foundation is something we hate to play trial and error with because it’s literally the base of our face look and when it goes bad it gets bad. Also, it’s hard to commit to buy a whole bottle of foundation just to figure out if you will like it or not!

Too oily, too drying, not long-lasting, too heavy, too thin, bad application etc. there are many ways foundation can react to your face. But like most beauty products, there is no one size fits all so how do we know which foundation is right for us?

I am no makeup guru, but luckily, I’m friends with a wonderful woman who is.

Meet Melissa Lenberg

Melissa is the owner of Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, momma of a beautiful baby girl, and someone who has truly changed my entire beauty routine and confidence. I asked her my burning questions about choosing the right foundation from color, undertones, application, more in hopes we all feel a little more confident in the makeup department when choosing a foundation. Here is what she had to say…

Call Me Lore's How to Choose The Best Foundation For Your Skin

The Most Important Things to Look For in A Foundation

  1. Look for a brand that you can stand behind, who uses the cleanest ingredients with ethical sourcing.
  2. Touch & feel… try it on in the store if you possibly can (you will be using this on your face all day! You need to know what it feels & smells like.) Does it have a smell? Is it one that is mild and non-irritating?
  3. How does it make your skin feel when wearing it, light and airy? Or heavy and dry?
  4. The kind of coverage and the finish that you want are ultimately what will make or break the deal. Are you wanting a full, medium, or light coverage? And how do you want the finish to be: dewy, matte, or semi-matte?

Finding The Best Undertone For Your Skin

The easiest way to find what undertones in makeup match well with your skin is to visit a makeup professional!

Or if you are shopping online, try a personal color matching consultation like the one on our website ( This will involve uploading a picture of your clean face & décolleté in natural lighting in front of a neutral- colored background.

Some of this is your preference as well. Do you love to wear silver or gold jewelry? If silver looks best against your skin, you probably prefer cooler tones (neutral or pink based foundation). If gold is your best friend, chances are that warm or golden undertones are your best bet.

Be Careful Of This Common Foundation Mistake

The most common foundation mistake that I see is avoiding skin prep before applying your makeup.

A flawless complexion gets the most attention in my makeup routine. This starts though with what you feed your skin. It is your canvas. If it is dull, dry, or dirty, the masterpiece will not be as smooth and bright!

After cleansing my face, I follow with a 4 step skin routine always: toner, serum, skin oil, and eye cream. I am mom now, and this 2 minute process truly makes me feel human again. Then, and only then, I reach for my base.

Natural Different Types Of Foundations For Different Looks

There are many varieties of foundations and you can truly find whatever you wish for these days. I use a variety based on how I am feeling (light/medium/full coverage kind of day or night) and what my skin needs.

For light and dewy daysthe Vapour Luminous Stick is a life-saver. It gives a glow and can be applied without a brush!

For medium, semi-matte daysthe Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation is so luxurious and gives a cream-to-powder finish in seconds (it also comes with a re-fillable compact).

For a fancy matte & full-coverage type of event, I grab my Jane Iredale GlowTime BB Cream and top it with a pressed powder.

None of these foundations are “high-maintenance” or take long to apply. (I honestly have a 5 minute go-to makeup routine. I just know my best eyeshadow and lip combo colors and stick to them!)

Should I Change My Foundation Every Season?

That depends on your skin type, your environment and how your skin reacts to the change in seasons. If your skin feels like it needs a change then you may want to choose a foundation that will follow suit as well. It may not always need to be foundation that changes per season but something in your beauty or skincare routine usually should. Listen to your body!

If you are feeling more dry during the winter, add a heavier moisturizing cream or use a serum if you aren’t already and then follow with a hydrating foundation like a liquid with a more dewy finish. It will look better and stay on longer throughout the day since your skin needs a little extra TLC.

If in the summer you suffer from a melting temperatures outside (like we do in AZ) or humidity opt for something lighter and more simple, like a matte finish pressed powder. Your skin is likely producing more sweat and oil than it has been int he other months. You can still get the varying degrees of coverage within these types of foundations, that won’t melt off like a hydrating liquid foundation might. Even if you continue to use a liquid foundation, setting it with a translucent powder (RMS “Un” Powder is great) will become a HUGE part of keeping it on all day.

Ask us if you would like more recommendations for you personally by calling, sending a DM, or emailing us through our website! The Citrine Team is always here to help.

You can find our Instagram here!

Call Me Lore's How to Choose The Best Foundation For Your Skin Best Foundation Shade Citrine Natural Beauty Bar

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  1. Shruthi Reddy
    September 29, 2019 / 3:23 pm

    Hi I need some help in choosing the best foundation for my skin tone. My skin type is oily and tone is medium. A color match for me would really help

    • September 30, 2019 / 4:03 pm

      Hi!!! I think the best way is to contact a store like Citrine so they can help you with that. Thank you so much for visiting the blog!!

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