My Favorite Hats for Spring

straw hat

Soooo this post was supposed to go up two days ago but I have just been so crazy busy that I could not finish it in time. Currently I am in Seattle for our Bloguettes branding workshop, our last workshop before Diego is born! You’re probably thinking, “oh that’s not that big of a deal!”, but it is to me and I just can’t believe it! Diego will be with us in July when it’s time for our next workshop in Phoenix.

Well, on to the post. This week I really, really wanted to write about my favorite hats for spring.  Years ago I was not a fan of hats, but now I think they can make or break an outfit and it’s important to choose the right one for you. Here are my top picks:

Straw feather fedora, you really can’t go wrong wearing your hair in different ways but because the feather sits on the left side it’s best if you slightly dip the hat downwards to draw attention to the decorative details (in this case the feather). Side messy ponytail works perfect with this look.

Feather fedora

Military hat from Free People,  wearing your hair down (long or short) gives this boyish look (and I mean this in the best way!) a cute and flirty edge. Pull it up into a ponytail make sure to pull a few pieces of hair down to frame your face. Think of using this hat when you are wearing a fitted blazer, denim shorts or a floral spring dress.

military hat

J Crew Panama hat,  hair up or down, braided, twisted, knotted, really however you want it. Anything and everything goes well with this hat. The only thing is that, in my opinion, this one works best for warm weather or on vacation. Wearing your hat, is the perfect excuse to book a vacation to the Bahamas haha, you can thank me later.

j crew hat

Janessa Leon straw hat, what I love most about this hat is that it’s so girly. When I first saw it I could not stop thinking that it was meant for a day at the polo games (not that I ever go to any haha) , a picnic in the park (also never do this but would love to!), or just a summer date around town. How you sit and place it on top of your head is up to you and what feels most comfortable and secure. Play around wearing it with different outfits and let me know what you think.

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I hope you liked the post, and let me know what your favorite hats are for this spring!

Styling: Julie Tuchin

spring hats

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  1. Dee
    March 21, 2016 / 4:26 am

    I never know how to wear my hats. I worry, is it too much? Will it draw attention to me, as an older woman, looking as if I’m trying to regain youthfullness? what do you think? Do hats work for all ages?

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