Diego’s Playroom Design & Inspiration with Decorist’s E-Design

Call Me Lore's Playroom Design with Decorist Interior Design

Toys in the kitchen, toys in the living room, toys EVERYWHERE. It looks like a little person took over the house!

This is how my house has started to look as Diego gets older – can any other parents relate? I’m thinking it’s time he has his own space to play that will not only work now but in the future as well…a space where Diego can roam free, play all day long and I don’t step on any toys everytime I walk around the house! (haha)

BUT unfortunately interior design has never come naturally to me. I can pick out final looks that I like as inspiration, but it’s hard for me to source so many different items that all flow well together. I feel like that happens with a lot of us –┬áwe know what we like and what we don’t but not so much when it comes to how to get there.

We are transforming our old, and honestly hardly used, home office into Diego’s playroom. I wanted it to match the design of our house even if it is just his play area, so it can grow with him and I don’t feel the need to change it often.

A friend told me about Decorist, an e-design company that matches you with a professional interior designer from their team who works with you to create a beautiful and cohesive space 100% online.

Honestly, at first I was skeptical. How could an online stranger understand my home, style, and needs all online? Well, I’m here to tell you that “stranger” quickly became no stranger to me, and not only listened to but understood my families’ needs, budget, likes, and dislikes. And no, this is not a paid partnership it’s truly based on my experience from our need for a playroom. But since I liked the service so much I asked if they could give my readers a discount ­čÖé you can use the code┬áLORE30 for 30% off Decorist’s classic design service.

I wanted to write about this in case there is anyone else out there who wants and needs some playroom inspiration, home design direction in general, or like me, was curious about the idea of an interior e-design site.

The Before:

Call Me Lore's Playroom Design Decorist Interior Design


Call Me Lore's Playroom Design with Decorist Interior Design

(that look haha)

Call Me Lore's Playroom Design with Decorist Interior Design

Call Me Lore's Playroom Design with Decorist Interior Design


The Process

Step 1

First, I explained the project goals and uploaded photos of the room along with a basic floor plan online. I was asked questions like what items I wanted to replace, items to add, if I was open to paint or window treatments, my color preferences, and our budget.

Sometimes it’s hard to put style into words so luckily, there was a space to upload inspiration links and photos. I created a Pinterest board and starting pinning away playroom inspiration photos. While I saved so many, I ended up narrowing it down to 4 photos that grasped the look I really wanted. Browse them below!

Call Me Lore's Playroom Design with Decorist Interior Design

Once I uploaded all of the information about the project, Decorist matched me with a designer, Kate, based on my style and budget. She messaged me within a day and we started having a casual conversation on the things I uploaded and I was able to share with her photos of Diego’s nursery to match the style of the playroom and nursery.

Step 2

My designer uploaded two different design concepts for me to rate and review. She included a collage visual of the furniture, decor, paint colors, etc. Here are the two concepts I was given.

Design Concept 1: Modern and Palm Fonds

Call Me Lore Playroom Design with Decorist Interior Design


Design Concept 2: Adventure Awaits

Call Me Lore Playroom Design with Decorist Interior Design

Each design concept came with a description of the style and the WHY the designer chose every single piece. There was a floor plan attached with each design showing how the concept would come to life – which was really helpful. Then it was my turn to rate each concept out of 5 stars and choose the style I wanted to use.

The Final Design

Drum roll, please…

Dustin and I chose Design Concept 2!

We felt it matched the nursery better, was more masculine, and would work for the room’s purpose even as Diego gets older. Having a bunch of stylish pieces that also worked as storage was HUGE for me. The “adventure” mountainous style is cute and goes perfectly with hardwood floors.

Once I chose the final design, my designer staged all the pieces in a visual recreation of the room to show exactly how it would look. Here are the images that show a 360 view of the space once finished.

Call Me Lore's Playroom Design with Decorist Interior DesignCall Me Lore's Playroom Design with Decorist Interior Design

Call Me Lore's Playroom Design with Decorist Interior Design

How to Shop The Look

Use the code LORE30 for 30% off you Decorist Classic Design Service where you get:

  • Two unique design concept boards
  • Final design + Floor plan + Shopping List
  • Complementary purchasing service

Trust me, having a shopping list and purchasing service all through ONE site is a life saver. Hopping from site to site and trying to image through a hundred tabs what will look good together, ruins the design fun for me. As simple as it seems, that was a part of Decorist that I really loved.

You don’t have to buy every item either! I added the pieces I absolutely loved and am going to incorporate some things I already have at home so you can make it your own.

Hover over the items on this image to shop!

I couldn’t link those two items on the image hover so shop through the links above! ­čÖé

The rest of the items not featured in the collage (since a lot goes into one room) are linked here.





Overall, my experience with Decorist was SO great, if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to ask! I would love to learn any design or storage tips from YOU.

My personal opinion is that it works great for small projects you want to do around your house. It’s quick easy and effective┬á BUT if you are thinking of remodeling or a major project I would still prefer to work with someone that can see the project in person.

Once we actually finish the playroom I will share all the photos and my favorite pieces!

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