The Beauty Treatments That REALLY Work From an Aesthetician

Call Me Lore Beauty Treatments That Really Work From an Esthetician Melt by Melissa Pruett

Are you overwhelmed by all of the different beauty treatments out there like microneedling, dermaplaning, and chemical peeling? I know I was! You probably have a lot of questions, like ‘What is worth it? How do I know what is best for me? Are these a one and done treatment?

SO many questions! Well, that was how I felt with all the beauty treatment trends. I didn’t know what to try and what was just a trend. Luckily, I have my good friend and amazing aesthetician Melissa Pruett from Melt by Melissa who lets me pick her brain with all of my burning questions. Although she is a brow queen, no really see here, she is also a glowing skin wizard!

If you are local I highly recommend seeing Melissa! I have been microbladed, microneedled and I get regular dermaplanes with her. But let me tell you I was very hesitant of everything at first and knew that no treatment is created equal, you have to find the one that is right for you skin concerns and skin type.

We are all very busy and I like to keep things simple. So in this interview I got into not only her very most recommended treatments but when you need professional treatments and what you can do to yourself at home. As much as we all love skincare and would stay at a spa ALL DAY if we could (haha) we have lives to live so this is all about keeping things to the basics but also getting that celebrity glow because yes Melissa says it is possible and if you keep reading will learn how… 🙂

Let’s get started!

OBGYN's Guide to Feminine Health Care Products

There are so many treatment options nowadays, what are your MOST recommended treatments? What are the benefits of each treatment and the recommended frequency of each treatment?


Primally Pure Q&A

“The beauty world is a lot like being at a Las Vegas buffet these days! It’s no wonder that it can be difficult, and often downright overwhelming, to choose the best option for us. Here are my top favorite go-to services:


Every single woman can benefit from (and fall in love with) dermaplaning. It may sound crazy to shave your face with a scalpel, but just trust us… once all of that crusty, dead skin and furry peach fuzz is gone, you’ll realize that your skin has never looked so good!

Benefits: exfoliation removes dull, lifeless skin cells that build up plus peach fuzz, greater product penetration, evens skin tone and texture, decreases fine lines and wrinkles, makeup goes on smoother.

Frequency: every 4 weeks, benefits increase with consistency

Fun Facts: this was Marilyn Monroe’s #1 beauty secret and the one treatment I’ve done every month religiously since aesthetics school.

Pro Tips:

  • You can add our glycolic peel for an extra boost of flawless! We call it the “red carpet peel” because you reap all the rewards without the downtime.
  • No, it doesn’t hurt and the hair cannot grow back darker or thicker.
  • Sorry babes, using a razor at home is NOT the same.
  • Microdermabrasion is similar as it does scrape off and suck up dead skin, but in my humble opinion, it is far inferior to dermaplaning and also does not remove the unwanted facial fur.



Reverse signs of aging and break down scar tissue through microneedling. We use the Eclipse pen, a motorized medical grade device, to painlessly wound the skin cells responsible for new collagen and elastin production. Think of the way we workout to tear our muscle fibers so that they’ll grow back stronger and more fit; we’re doing the same thing here to our skin!

Benefits: improve overall skin tone and texture, decrease pore size, diminish scarring and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation from blemishes, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase collagen and elastin production.

Frequency: a series of 3-5 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart for best results

Not So Fun Fact: we lose 1% of collagen production per year once we turn X, which results in loss of volume and tightness . It’s never too early to prevent premature signs of aging!

Pro Tips:

  • Plan ahead as you will have a “mild sunburn” effect for up to 72 hours after service. While we recommend not applying any products to the face 3 hours post-treatment and no makeup for the remaining day, there is no downtown and makeup is allowed the following days to camouflage any redness.
  • Please note that pregnant women cannot be microneedled  

No cookie cutter, one size fits all options here. We offer our MELT Away Facial as the ideal option for customized care with both your genetic skin type and current condition in mind.

Benefits: let us professionally analyze your skin to create the optimum treatment plan and home care regimen for you. Our skin is our largest organ; it wants to be happy and healthy in homeostasis. Our services are designed with your uniqueness in mind to balance your skin and introduce anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties.

Frequency: monthly (you can even add a dermaplane into your facial!)

Fun Facts: Did you know we each have a genetic skin type, which may differ from our present conditions? This means that even though you feel tight and dry in this Arizona desert, you could very likely not be a dry skin type. Or maybe you get greasy throughout the day? Doesn’t mean you’re oily either. This is like the chicken and the egg and often leads to misdiagnoses of skin and ultimately, poor product choice that further exacerbates the issues at hand. We’re here to set the record straight and help you achieve your best skin!”

OBGYN's Guide to Feminine Health Care Products

When should we invest in professional treatments vs. at-home treatments? 


Primally Pure Q&A

“Pro treatments are the oil change and routine maintenance to your vehicle while getting a car wash and filling up your gas tank is your home care routine.

You need BOTH.

In fact, you can get all of the fancy waxes and tire shines you want, but if you don’t ever change your oil, with enough time and miles, the engine is guaranteed to blow. (I learned that lesson as a 17 year old the hard way…lol)  

What I love to educate my clients on is the simple fact that as licensed professionals, we have not only acquired deep knowledge about our products, treatments, and clients, but it means we have access that the OTC girl doesn’t. Sure, you can order a pair of scissors and box of hair dye off Amazon to DIY at home, but it miiiiight not be the same result as going to see a cut and color specialist. Just sayin’.

Our professional services and techniques will always trump at home options and our products will always legally be allowed to carry greater levels of active ingredients that would never be sold in store.

Not to mention, it just downright feels gooooood to be pampered. #treatyoself. None of this is to discount the quality and efficacy of your home care regimen. Like I said, you need both. Let us handle the in-studio treatments and help create a quality home care regimen that will all work synergistically to help you reach your skin care goals faster and easier!”

OBGYN's Guide to Feminine Health Care Products

Can us normal busy women achieve that “celebrity skin glow”? If so, how?

Primally Pure Q&A

Absolutely! I joke that I want to be REFLECTIVE! I’m all about that GLOW! Here are my 3 steps to celebrity skin:

Step 1: Monthly Dermaplane to remove dull, lifeless layer of crust (Optional Glycolic Add On)

Step 2: My Joelle Martine Emu Oil Serum Daily & Vitamin C Polishing Crystals 2x per week (home care regimen on point)

Step 3: Dewy Makeup – I love mixing Becca Highlight in Pearl into my foundation and using the shimmery side of my MELT Highlighter Duo stick to dazzle my cheek bones, brow bone and cupid’s bow!

OBGYN's Guide to Feminine Health Care Products

What can we do at-home to maintain our professional beauty treatments? 

Primally Pure Q&A

Quality products with effective ingredients. Cruelty free. Home care is crucial but doesn’t need to break your bank or take you 24 steps. In the same way you can’t go to the gym but then eat like garbage and expect to lose weight, what you do morning and night every single day is going to outweigh the professional strides we make during your treatments.

Everyone needs a cleanser that removes dirt and pH balances without stripping the skin. Everyone needs anti-inflammatory, anti-aging elements. Everyone needs to exfoliate, nourish, and protect their precious skin.

OBGYN's Guide to Feminine Health Care Products

What should we look for in an aesthetician performing treatments?

Primally Pure Q&A

Understand your aesthetician’s methodology and product line to ensure that their philosophy is in line with your own. Many people have a misconception that more aggressive is better. They want it to really sizzle or peel like crazy or downright hurt. In my humble opinion, this isn’t even necessary in most cases and can even be detrimental. Skin is our largest organ and balancing it is key. Skin is YOU-nique We just need to love on it!

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