5 Challenges of A Working Mom & Tips to Overcome Them

I knew that going back to work after having Diego would be difficult but I don’t think I was prepared for just how hard it was for me. The mom guilt of leaving him all day was really hard. I wrote about mom guilt before (here) but I was constantly asking myself things like:

“Did I not spend enough time with him today?”

“Did I breastfeed for long enough?”

“Is it my fault that he got sick after going to a birthday party?”

“If I go on a quick business trip will I miss something? Baby life is full of firsts!”

“Should I work less hours?”

Not only was I feeling guilt at first, but I was EXTREMELY tired. I took me about 6 months or more to feel like I had some of my normal energy back. I tried everything and anything to make it work, knowing that I was passionate about my business and wanted Diego to look back feeling proud of his mom.

SO fellow mompreneur, welcome to about 2 years from when Diego was born and the challenges I was faced as a working mom and how I have learned to overcome them. I made a full video in the spirit of Mother’s Day on YouTube sharing my experience which are broken up into five sections you can watch below.

I hope these tips (or mom hacks as I call them) help you feel slightly more balanced or at least find comfort in the imbalance. We moms need to motivate each other and support one another. To all the working and stay at home moms out there, please know…

1. You Are A Great Mom

2. You Are An Inspiration To Your Child 

3. You Are Doing Your Best, and You Are Enough!



Time Management


Quality Time

Managing Stress

Coordinating Schedules

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