What International Women’s Day Means to Me as an Entrepreneur

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Who inspires you?

With International Women’s Day coming up, I’m reminded of all the amazing and strong women who have inspired me and have helped me get to where I am today. It makes me excited that there is a day in which we can specifically celebrate all the women who have influenced and cheered us on in our lives. In my opinion, one of the best aspects of this day is that it spans all across the globe which helps unite all women together to see their strengths and all the things they are capable of. So, in honor of this day, I’m sharing a little bit about it and why I appreciate it so much!

What is International Women’s Day?

I’m so glad you asked. International Women’s Day focuses a lot about fighting for equality between the genders. It’s a day of continued fighting for equality as well as a celebration for how far we’ve come.

When is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is March 8, 2019. Be sure to mark your calendar! This is a great time to get all of your hard-working women together and celebrate each other’s successes. Whether you go with your mom, daughter, or sister, your life long best friend, or your fellow businesswomen, International Women’s Day is a time to get together and support one another in all our endevours.

If you’re in Phoenix, check out this list of my favorite restaurants to eat at. Call ahead and make some reservations and enjoy the night with your girls. If going out isn’t your style, you could also host dinner at your own house!

History of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day as we know it was not celebrated on March 8 until 1913. However, it’s starting point goes back to 1908 in New York when women took to the streets to march for “…shorter hours, better pay, and voting rights.” World War I saw a lot of women’s rallies in Europe but it wasn’t until 1975 that the United Nations took part in this day. There was soon a lull in the movement, with campaigns going on in 1996, but by 2000 it wasn’t necessarily at the forefront of people’s minds. By 2011, those in the White House were acknowledging it again within America, and as you can see presently, we are still celebrating it.

Information from: https://www.internationalwomensday.com/About .

What International Women’s Day Means to Me

Being viewed equally in business has allowed me to do what I love and follow my passions. Whether it’s helping new mom’s with their postpartum journey through Majka, or helping people brand their business with Wela Creative Studio, living in the business world has allowed me to help others reach their potential on a daily basis and follow my entrepreneur dreams. And let me tell you, I love it! Had it not been for the years of fighting by numerous women for equality, I may not have been able to say this. However, that’s what’s so amazing about this day. Women rallying together to help each other succeed in all aspects of life.

Why International Women’s Day Should Matter to Us All

I’ve shared why this day is important to me, so now I’m asking you to think about your life. Have you thanked the amazing women that have helped get you where you are today? I’m sure many of you have been influenced by one woman or another, whether it’s a grade school teacher, sister, friend or mom. Women are amazing and have so many unique talents and gifts! These gifts, when shared with each other, help us all achieve our dreams. Here are a couple of easy and special ways to thank the women in your life:

  • Send them a text message and make it personal by including a fun picture of the two of you
  • Shoot them an email and link to their favorite song on YouTube to brighten their day
  • Write them a little note and drop it in the mail (who doesn’t love snail mail?!)
  • Coffee Delivery! Deliver their favorite cup of coffee to them at work with a note written on the side of the cup
  • Take them out for lunch or dinner and let them know you appreciate them

Inspirational Women

Instagram is where I get so much of my motivation and inspiration. I’ve also met SO many amazing women who are doing great things through the app. Check out (and follow!) some of the amazing ladies listed below.

These lovely women from the MOM LIFE YO podcast work hard to tell the amazing stories of other mamas. So, not only are they boss babes themselves, they are helping other women tell their own story along the way… that’s women helping women if you ask me!


finally starting to feel like spring 🌺 @freepeople #springtime #fpme

A post shared by Sakura Considine • phoenix, az (@sakuraconsidine) on

I cannot forget my lovely friend Sakura, who is not only going to be a  mama (soon!) but an outstanding influencer. She’s going to be an absolutely amazing mom and she inspires me each and every day with her passion for what she does.


YOU’RE INVITED! 👋🏻 I’m taking you with me… through it all. I know it’s weird to feel like you’re friends with a stranger on the internet but really, it’s cool. Here’s the deal: I’m not a fashion blogger, I struggle with acne, I have curves and cellulite and an annoying “mom” voice, and most days I’m just a girl working behind my computer in my sweats. I LOVE what I do, like… LOVE. I hope you’re here to feel encouraged, inspired, engaged. I want you to leave my little corner of the web feeling better about yourself and my hope is that when I show up a little messy, your mess feels a little more manageable. It’s impossible to see real life happening when we’re consuming it in tiny squares and 15 second clips, but I’ll tell you this: hang around here long enough and you just might start to believe in yourself. I am committed to a few things: doing the best I can, not retouching my life, and being willing to show up no matter what. So grab my hand, I can’t promise much but something tells me we’ll get along just fine. I’m just a girl with a dream who’s going for it and something tells me you are, too. Are you in? Road trip through life for two? ✨

A post shared by JENNA KUTCHER (@jennakutcher) on

Jenna Kutcher is amazing. Not only does she run a very successful business, but a very successful podcast. After overcoming a few miscarriages, she and her husband now finally have a baby girl. Her Instagram always inspires me to keep it real and never give up.

Need More Inspiration?

I love scrolling through Pinterest when I need some inspiration. Follow me here to see what I’m pinning! Here are couple quotes I found that resonated with me in honor of International Women’s Day:

So, to my fellow women out there, keep hustling hard and putting in the work. Whether that’s waking up early to get the kids ready, or staying up late to grow your business. I’m proud of you, and we are in this together.

What women have inspired you in your life? Let me know in the comments or over on my Instagram! @CallMeLore|#CallMeLore

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