Diego’s Nursery and Closet Tour

Hello! So lately I have been creating some youtube videos, similar to taking pictures with my family it’s fun and¬†allows me to create memories that I can have for forever. This week I decided to do a little nursery and closet tour. I have done previous posts on Diego’s nursery but none of them with video so I am excited for you guys to see!

For the nursery design I really wanted something neutral, no bright colors that we could get sick of quickly. That’s why we went with different tones of blue and grey. For the mural I really wanted mountains as I always want him to remember that he can dream big and also get to the top ūüôā As he has been growing up his room is not just a place to take naps but his favorite place to play with his toys and discover new things so I’m sure as time goes by we will continue to change things and add to suit his needs through growth stages. ¬†Maybe someday he can decide what he wants painted on his mural, haha.

For his closet, it was an empty closet before so we had to design it and get it installed before Diego was born, as a new mom I was a little clueless about baby closet needs and I think I made the racks too close to each other so now I can’t hang his pants! ¬†I’m sure soon some modifications will be needed haha. For¬†now it works. Dressing a little boy has been surprisingly fun! I guess I always had in mind how much fun it would be to dress a little girl, but I am surprised at how much I enjoy picking clothes for Diego. Trying to guess what his personality will be as he grows up and what clothes would better match it ūüôā

As far as his clothes, my mom AKA “abuela” hahah is responsible for more than 90% of the cute clothes that you see Diego wearing.¬† She has amazing taste and a love for fashion which makes her the perfect stylist for little Diego. ¬†Diego please don’t feel embarrassed when you are old enough read this post, mom and grandma get so much joy every time we see you look like a¬†little man. So far the some brands that I am in love with are (included in this video):

If you want to see Diego and I in action click on the video below and enjoy the nursery tour!

See you on the next post!


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