Equipment Maxi Dress

Equipment printed maxi dress

Happy 27th week of pregnancy for me! I can’t believe I am almost at 30 weeks! Time flew by so fast after the second trimester started. The second trimester has been amazing, sometimes I even forget I am pregnant (until I look in the mirror of course, that’s hard to forget, haha). I remember in the beginning, it was hard to even work a full day at Bloguettes without having to spend some time lying down on our lobby couch.

But on to the fashion! One of my favorite pieces to wear is a maxi dress. They are comfortable & stylish, but my favorite part is that since it’s just one piece, it’s quick and easy! (Not like trying to find the perfect shirt for the jeans that you’re wearing and 15 shirts on the floor later, you still are not convinced on that outfit–who’s with me on this one?) The tricky thing with maxis though are the shoes! For summer, you can make a maxi look super casual and cool with a cute pair of sandals. When it’s not yet summer, you can wear them with ankle booties and layer it with a leather jacket or a sweater on top (like in this post). Last time I was at the mall (just walking around NOT shopping with a friend) I saw this maxi dress from Equipment and I just had to get it! The pattern is beautiful and the material feels incredible. I love it with my Joie ankle boots, but I also like it with loafers and sandals.

Hope you liked the post! For my next post, I will be talking about the cutest hat styles for spring and summer, so stay tuned!

Equipment printed maxi dress

Joie ankle boots

Equipment printed maxi dress

Equipment maxi dress

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  1. March 8, 2016 / 11:48 am

    Lore! Te veo súper linda con tu embarazo y me encanta que eres una mamá muy cool, siempre a la moda! Me encanta todo, en especial las botas!


    Por cierto, el jueves publico tu entrevista en mi blog!

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