Back to School Healthy Snack Guide for The Little Ones

There are SO many things to get ready when the back to school season rolls in. One of them being lunches and snacks, which can I just say for me has been the hardest part. I want Diego to eat fresh healthy meals but sometimes when I’m in a rush or am worried about the food staying fresh, I need a store bought snack that’s is healthier than traditional options.

A lot of the “healthy” snacks geared towards kids (like those organic chocolate bunny crackers) may be a missing some unhealthier ingredient alternatives… but a lot of times they are lacking nutrition, especially snack items.

My goal with this post is to share not just snack items that are an organic or natural version of conventional snacks, and that you can use when you don’t have time to prepare your own. 

Whether that means protein, healthy fats, vitamins, or natural carbohydrates we all want to feed our kids food that feed their brain and muscles during school. Plus, these snacks really aren’t much of a price difference from the unhealthy alternatives.

I also included some specifically nut-free options (as that is a big constraint at some schools) and important kids vitamins from ethical and trustworthy companies. There’s quite a lot of germs going around at school so let’s keep our kids healthy!

Healthy Back To School Snacks

A Salty Savory Snack with a Purpose

Potato chips (or even veggie chips) bring little to no nutritional value to our kiddos and there are some good alternatives to a munching snack with fiber and complex carbs.

Call Me Lore's Healthy Back to School Snacks Toddler Snacks Nut Free

where to buy
  1. Enjoy Life Dill & Sour Cream Lentil Chips
  2. Bare Barbecue Sweet Potato Chips 
  3. Lesserevil Buddah Bow Organic Salted Ghee Popcorn
  4. Plant Snacks Sea Salt Yucca Root Chips 
  5. Lilly’s Hummus Packets
  6. Doctor in the Kitchen Sea Salt Flackers 

The Natural Sweet Tooth Satisfiers

We all get a little sweet tooth every now and then and if I don’t have fresh produce or just want to add a little treat these are some options I don’t feel guilty about. These are also great allergy friendly options.

Call Me Lore's Healthy Back to School Snacks Toddler Snacks Nut Free

where to buy
  1. Enjoy Life Snickerdoodle Cookie
  2. Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Mango 
  3. Mamma Chia Squeeze Packs
  4. Creation Nation Paleo Energy Bite Mix
  5. Bare Baked Apple Chips
  6. Manuka Honey Pops 

On-The-Go Kid Friendly Protein

Protein packed snacks that don’t have to be refrigerated are always a win for a mom! We’re out of deli meat, I didn’t cook something the night before, or even for road trips protein and fat is what keeps those bodies full and strong. Not every school allows nuts, but the almond butter’s package is so easy for kids it’s been a favorite in our home.

Call Me Lore's Healthy Back to School Snacks Toddler Snacks Nut Free

where to buy
  1. Yumbutter Superfood Almond Butter
  2. Wild Planet Wild Tuna
  3. The New Primal Snack Mates Kids Turkey Sticks
  4. Wild Zora Mediterranean Lamb Meat & Veggie Bar 
  5. Brami Garlic & Herb Lupini Snack 

Nut Free Alternative Snacks

Hello sunflower butter! No nuts no problem. These alternatives are just as nutritious and make yummy treats. When I do have time, a sunflower butter sandwich with sliced strawberries is SO yummy I usually steal a bite.

Call Me Lore's Healthy Back to School Snacks Toddler Snacks Nut Free

where to buy
  1. Thrive Market Organic Sunflower Butter
  2. Free 2B Mini Dark Chocolate Sun Cups 
  3. Enjoy Life Chocolate Proburst Bites 

Back to School Vitamins for Kids

So many germs! It’s almost inevitable for kids to get a cold or two going back to school, so it’s better to feel slightly prepared and even in prevention mode. I am VERY picky about vitamin brands because they are often not well regulated and confirmed with my pediatrician that these brands are committed to clean ingredients, sources, and no added sugars.

Call Me Lore's Healthy Back to School Snacks Toddler Snacks Nut Free Best Kids Vitamins Probiotics

where to buy
  1. Garden of Life mykind Organics Kids Gummy Multivitamin
  2. Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA
  3. GaiaKids Echinacea Goldenseal Drops
  4. Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Kids+ Probiotics 
  5. Natural Vitality Kids Natural Calm Multi


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