How To Grow Your Eyebrows Naturally (OR Make it Seem Like You Did)

how to grow your eyebrows naturally

Thick, full, beautiful eyebrows are ALL the rage. Eyebrows can really make our faces look so different it’s a little crazy! But growing thick eyebrows overnight is a little harder than imagined. For me, I wasn’t blessed with full brows. Mine grow slowly and can be so uneven with areas that seem to barely grow any hair, which was fine during the 90’s no-brow trend but what can those of us do who struggle to grow full eyebrows naturally?

I’m the girl who tried EVERYTHING and was lucky to know some brow lady experts. Here are their tips!

How to Grow Your Eyebrows Naturally

Follow these steps to stimulate your brow’s hair growth to the thickness you want.

    1. Do NOT Pluck or Tweeze

    1. Use A Brow Serum

    1.  Exfoliate

  1.  Take The Right Supplements

Say NO to Tweezing

Call Me Lore How to Grow Brows Naturally

This is a big one and the one that takes the most patience. Tweezing can easily tear the hair follicle, causing permanent no-growth. So, specialists recommend to only tweeze between the brows where you wouldn’t want to grow a uni-brow anyways- haha.

Eyebrows can take around 8-13 weeks to go through one full growth cycle depending on your age and metabolism. This time gives your brows the opportunity to grow to their full capabilities. It’s hard at first to let your brows go wild–I know I felt like I looked like a crazy person but it’s worth it, and you can still fill them in or use brow gel accordingly.

Pro Tip: A makeup artist once told me that tweezing even the random hairs under your brow (closest to your eyelid) can affect the growth cycle of the hairs above your brow (which would give you a fuller shape). I’m not sure if it is an industry rumor, but it’s best to just avoid tweezing at all costs.

Use a Brow Serum

Serums can kickstart growth and make such a big difference. Whether you buy a brow serum or make a DIY one, eyebrows like to be conditioned just like the hair on our head. So if we want them to grow, we have to treat them nicely and feed them the oils they want and need to grow.Call Me Lore's DIY Brow Growth Serum

Castor oil is an amazing natural oil when it comes to hair growth. It’s because of the essential fatty acids that nourish the hair follicle. Vitamin E oil heals the hair texture making it last longer and become shinier. A mixture of cold-pressed castor, vitamin e, and argan oil is what I have seen make a big difference. I also use it on my lashes to help grow (be sure to check out my post on how to grow your lashes).

Not Into DIY? No Problem.

Sometimes I really enjoy creating my own products (like my DIY sunscreen) because then I know every ingredient that goes into it and that it’s safe to use. But other times, I would rather buy a product that already does the hard work for me. However, I don’t want to end up using a product that has harmful chemicals just because it’s easier, so I really try to find natural products that I feel good about using and are EFFECTIVE.

I have talked about Plume before when I struggled growing back my eyelashes after having lash extensions (read more here), but their serum can also be used on your eyebrows! I get mine from my favorite natural beauty shop Citrine Beauty Bar.

Seriously, this one bottle will last you such a long time and I can vouch it is worth it, you can shop below.

I have seen the most results growing my eyelashes and eyebrows with Plume, but the other two are ones recommended to me by friends. Province Apothecary’s Full Brow Serum is similar to the DIY serum in that it combines multiple fatty acid oils that condition your eyebrows. Elizabeth Arden’s PREVAGE serum has great reviews and really spikes growth, however, I stopped using it because the ingredients aren’t AS great as Plume’s. Another good serum to try is BrowFood by LashFood. What’s nice about this one is it’s certified organic and natural as well as gluten and irritation-free. With so many different options, you’ll have to find the one that is right for YOU!


Similar to skin, I noticed that if I exfoliated my brows a couple of times a week with my facial exfoliator (the one I use) then my brows grew faster. I brought this up to the girl that does my brows and she said it has the same benefit as when we exfoliate our skin–it scrubs off the layer of dead skin that isn’t allowing the skin and hair follicle to grow as fast. Be careful not to exfoliate so hard you rip out hairs of course, but just a gentle scrub every now and then can do your brows some good.

Feed Your Brows a Good Diet

Unless there has been permanent damage to the hair follicle, a good diet, and the right supplements can help hair growth. Most of these things are vitamins and supplements I take normally for a healthy lifestyle, but you could notice a difference by increasing something you aren’t getting enough of. My belief is that everything starts from within, even beauty, so feed your brows essential nutrients such as:

  • Protein (repairs and aids cell growth)
  • Iron (helps the follicles)
  • Biotin (strengthens the hair itself, but can lead to breakouts if you are acne prone)
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids (reduces inflammation and hydrates)
  • B Vitamins (vital nutrient for cells and tissues, including your hair)

See below to shop my favorite brow supplements. I also love the Nutrafol Hair supplement as well.

Full Brow Illusion Tricks

Unfortunately, we cannot grow our brows to become like Lily Collins if they aren’t. Our natural brows have a shape and only have specific eyebrow hair follicles in certain areas. So, go into growing your brows with realistic goals. However, there are tricks you can do to create an illusion of having thick, full eyebrows.


Once you are done growing your eyebrows, a professional can shape them every one to two months or however often you need. Then going in with a good brow pencil or gel to fill in the spots that struggle with growth can make such a difference and look natural. I love the Plume Brow Pomade with the Ecobrow brush to comb out my brows and fill in the sparse areas of my brow.


I recently discovered brow gel last year and now I cannot live without it! Brow gel coats each hair, making it more prominent and stay in place. You can use a clear brow gel or one with a little color, but it really makes the hairs look natural after filling them in, especially if you fill with a powder. My brow gel go-to is Glossier’s Boy Brow.


In April of last year, I decided to get microblading done by my brow expert and sweet friend Melissa from Melt by Melissa. What is microblading? It’s a semi-permanent cosmetic eyebrow tattoo that is applied in strokes to mimic hairs. I wrote an entire blog post here, so I won’t get too in-depth with it. But I will tell you I can’t believe how NATURAL it looks. It has been so nice to wake up in the morning and know my brows are “filled in”. I still use brow gel to accentuate the hairs I have, but other than that I haven’t had to put anything else on. You can watch the video of when I got my eyebrows microbladed here if you want!

There are SO many options out there to get fuller thicker eyebrows, whether you grow your eyebrows or make it seem like you did.

Comment below if you have had success growing your brows or swear by anything, especially since full brows have become a new trend we are all in this together!


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