My Summer Skincare & Clean Beauty Routine

Call Me Lore's Summer Glowing Skincare and Clean Beauty Routine

Just as the seasons change, so does my skincare and makeup routine (I have super oily skin in summer). During the summer I like to make sure I’m staying moisturized but not oily, SPF protected and using light breathable products that won’t sweat off throughout the day. There is nothing worse than coming home and realizing your foundation looks caked onto your skin and your mascara has run under your eyes, right?

Today I am sharing my everyday skincare routine and my summer makeup look. Everything seems like much more when writing it down, but both my skincare routine and makeup routine take me 15 minutes total give or take a few. This is my full routine, but of course in the summertime when I am running weekend errands or going to the pool I will only use my skincare products and sunscreen or tinted moisturizer.

My favorite thing about my summer makeup routine is that it’s ideal for on-the-go travel and only uses 1-2 tools aside from my fingers. Plus, it’s all about creating a glowing natural “no-makeup makeup look” and using products that are super hydrating.

Every product I use is considered “clean non-toxic beauty” with no harmful or synthetic ingredients and is linked if you hover over the name. Switching to clean beauty products has completely changed my skin (aka no more adult acne) and given me peace of mind that I am treating my body carefully. If you want to read more about why I made the switch to clean beauty read here, otherwise let’s get started!

Summer Skincare Routine

Call Me Lore's Summer Skincare and Clean Beauty Routine

Step 1: Patyka Remarkable Cleansing Oil

Every morning and night I warm this oil in my hands, pat it on my skin and follow with a facial massage to work it into my face. This organic cleansing oil melts even waterproof makeup off the skin and cleanses at the same time, so it’s the ultimate 2-in-1 product. But my favorite part is that since it’s an oil, it moisturizes my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling tight and stripped of its moisture.

Step 2: Tata Harper Clarifying Mask

I use this mask 1-2 times a week to gently exfoliate and give my skin a deeper cleanse. I apply a good layer all over my skin while I check my emails in bed, then after about 20 minutes I massage it off with warm water. This mask is great for blemish prone skin whether it is dry or oily. The salicylic and lactic acid are what minimizes blemishes and pore size, while the quartz micro-crystals soften the skin and the chlorella’s fatty acids hydrate.

Step 3: Patyka Youthful Lift Eye Cream

I cannot live without an eye cream! The skin around your eyes is very different than the skin on your face and needs a cream that will moisturize, brighten and prevent wrinkles. I take a dime size and VERY gently pat it around my eye area with my ring finger before any other moisturizer. This eye cream uses 4 clinically proven ingredients like buckwheat wax, centella asatica extract, beech bud and sesame oil. The combination of these ingredients increases cell oxygenation and moisture retention especially around the crow’s feet area. Since using this eye cream, not once has concealer or foundation creased around my eye in the heat.

Step 4: Tata Harper Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil

Ladies, glowy dewy skin starts with a good face oil. This serum is lightweight enough that I can use it daily to moisturize my skin without looking oily. The arnaca and alfalfa diminishes redness and oxygenates the skin. The jojoba oil is a deep moisturizing ingredient that leaves me skin singing praises and thanks! It has a rollerball applicator which helps make sure I don’t overuse it. I roll a swipe across my forehead and one on each cheek then really massage and work it into my face and neck to make sure it covers my entire face.It is possibly my favorite part of the day haha! In the mornings, I don’t use a traditional moisturizer after this step because I will use a tinted moisturizer.

Step 5: Hynt Sun Prep Broad Spectrum SPF 25

The ULTIMATE chemical free natural sun protection with no annoying white cast or greasy residue. Using a natural sunscreen is important to me because if there is something I don’t leave the house without, it’s sunscreen on my face. If I don’t have time or ran out of my DIY sunscreen (find here) than I use Hynt. Hynt uses nano-sized Titatnium Dioxide to protect from UVA/UVB rays and ingredients like aloe vera and pine bark extract to moisturize the skin and prep for makeup. Once my face oil dries, I pat this sunscreen all over my face and neck.

Step 6: Patyka Pollution Defense Mist

Not your average facial mist, this is mist is not only moisturizing with it’s hyaluronic acid and aloe vera but it has photo protective action against dark spots and pigmentation. Dark spots and uneven pigmentation increase so much in the summer and the time we spend in the sun. It has ingredients that are proven to protect from free radicals and UV induced inflammation and I bring it with me everywhere. I spray this on my face throughout the day to protect from all the harmful environmental factors.

Summer Beauty Routine

Call Me Lore's Summer Skincare and Clean Beauty RoutineCall Me Lore's Summer Skincare and Clean Beauty RoutineCall Me Lore's Summer Skincare and Clean Beauty Routine

Concealer: RMS Uncoverup

This concealer is perfect for summer because it is creamy, lightweight and SO blendable. I like to use my fingers and pat it underneath my eyes, under my nose and in my T-Zone area for a “no-makeup makeup” look that just eliminates redness and discoloration but natural enough to blend with my natural skin color. I use shade “00” which is the second lightest color to brighten those areas with uneven pigmentation and since it is mineral based it blends into your skin color when you put it on so don’t be scared of the color. It’s made with coconut oil and castor oil to hydrate the skin rather than dry out those pesky healing blemishes and draw more attention to them.

Tinted Moisturizer: Ilia Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer or Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Sunscreen

I rotate between Suntegrity and Ilia’s tinted moisturizer depending on the kind of coverage I want. Both have a good SPF protection with Zinc Oxide are praise worthy chemical free ingredients, Suntegrity is even rated #1 skin safety rating from EWG and was included in the Best Sunscreens 3 years in a row.

So what’s the difference between the two? For me, I’ve noticed that the Suntegrity has a pretty thick consistency and Ilia is lighter and semi-matte so I tend to use Ilia for an everyday and Suntegrity if I’m spending the day at the pool or want more coverage. In the summer I use Ilia’s shade Bella Mare, a shade up from my winter color and in Suntegrity I use Light. Which ever one I use I put a dime size on my fingers (with washed hands always) and rub it evenly on my face and neck. If I need to blend it anymore I will use a dense flat brush and work it into my skin in circular motions.

Foundation: Nu evolution complete coverage foundation 

I hardly use foundation in the summer. But if I am going to a wedding, event, or taking studio photos then I will use the NU Evoltuion liquid foundation for a medium to full coverage. Non-toxic clean foundation foundation has been hard for me to find. So many made me look “cakey” and this is the only one I have really loved. NU Evolution’s products ban a whole list of harmful chemicals, synthetics, parabens and fragrances in their products similar to the other products I use so I don’t feel gross after wearing it for hours at an event. I apply it with a dense foundation brush to apply evenly to the face and down to the neck.

Setting Powder: Kjaer Weis Pressed Translucent Powder

This powder keeps everything in place, which is especially hard in the hotter months. I always always use this to set wherever I put my concealer, especially under my eyes. I love a good dewy glow but where I apply concealer I am not trying to bring attention to, so the translucent powder softly mattes the area. I swipe my Kjaer Weis’ powder brush across the pressed powder and lightly tap off an excess then (very important part) lightly tap and press my powder on my T-Zone area. Tapping the powder on just my T-Zone area and where I use concealer instead of swiping it all over my face lets my face show its natural dewy glow without mattifying my entire face or looking oily without any powder.

Tip: Once you run out of the powder, you can buy refills and keep the same compact case. Not only does it save you 35% but it’s also great for the environment!

Blush & Highlight: Kosas Color + Light Creme

This is a creamy blush and highlight duo that I use in the color 8th Muse to add a true pink flush to my cheeks. Since its cream I very lightly melt two fingers into the blush color and dab it on the apple of my checks and just slightly back along my cheek. A little goes a long way with cream application but it creates such a more natural dewy look than a powder for the perfect summer flush. The highlighter is silky and using my fingers again I blend it high on my cheekbones, done the bridge of my nose and on my cupid’s bow if I’m feeling fancy. These colors are super buildable so you can change how strong the pigment appears which makes it easy to go from day to night.

Eyeshadow: RMS Luminizer

Everything about my summer look is very dewy and quick, so of course I use a cream eyeshadow too! The RMS Luminizer comes in a little pot and to use it I warm it with my ring finger in circular motions then blend right onto my lid and on my brow bone in the color Champagne Rose, which is the most beautiful opalescent champagne color. It isn’t sparkly and most importantly, it isn’t too warm or cool toned. The color is so neutral that no matter what I’m wearing, it brings a simple natural glow to my eyes, making them pop. This luminizer is my most versatile makeup product and can be used as your face highlighter, eyeshadow, and even on the lips for a little shimmer.

Lip Color: RMS Cheek and Lip Tint

If you can’t tell, I am all about the multi-use products- haha! Another great product from RMS that comes in a small pot easy to throw in my purse on-the-go so I can reapply for a little color throughout the day because honestly sometimes just a little lip and cheek color is all you need! I again just use my fingers and dab and blend wherever I want a little color, using the coral peachy shade Paradise. There are 9 different shades and while Paradise is my everyday go-to color I also play with some of the darker colors like Modest, a berry coloror Spell, a dusty rose color, for an evening dinner date. But WARNING: these color are very pigmented so use even less than you think you need and then even less than that. Which also means yes they last forever!

Tip: when using it on the lips it is best to use it on dry lips because it is so creamy and moisturizing that using it on glossy or balmed lips make it harder to stick. If you have very dry lips, moisturize them before and wait until your lips are moisturized but dry to the touch then apply.

Brows: Plume Brow Palmade & Glossier Boy Brow

My brows are microbladed so most days all I do is swipe on some Glossier Boy Brow in clear. But before I had them microbladed I would fill them in with Plume’s Brow Pomade, apply my favorite natural growth serum and let them grow naturally making sure to brush them up.

Lashes: DIY Serum or Ilia Nightfall Mascara

I am a big proponent of letting your natural lashes breathe and grow. That’s why I use a DIY eyelash growth serum or my favorite Plume Lash Growth Serum when I can to not only further enforce the “no-makeup makeup look” but because I have struggled growing my eyelashes after having extensions (read all about it here). But when I do wear mascara at work or for events, my favorite is Ilia Nightfall Mascara because it adds volume, doesn’t flake off and uses 100% natural dye. Eyes are very sensitive and mascara can easily build bacteria that infects your eye, plus have you ever thought about what is in that black gunk? It’s not a pretty list of ingredients haha!

Ta-da: My dewy, glowing skin summer look!

Call Me Lore's Summer Skincare and Clean Beauty Routine

Summer skin is all about being moisturized, a quick easy on-the-go routine, and showing a little color and glow. But most importantly protecting your skin from the sun and free radical damage! There is absolutely a way to use SPF and pollution protection everyday that leaves no white cast, greasy film, or chemicals on your skin that can be incorporated in the products you use. Drinking LOTS of water, especially during the summer months, is also the cheapest and best way to hydrate your skin.

I know non-toxic clean beauty products are not available at your local drugstore but especially in the summer months when we are sweating and our pores are open, I really encourage trying a switch of at least a few of your skincare or makeup products. My entire skincare and makeup routine uses products from brands that are dedicated to using natural ingredients, that really work!

If you are local to the Arizona area, take a stop in Citrine Natural Beauty Bar in Phoenix. They offer free color matching, skin consultations, and samples you can try at home. I shop almost every single one of my products from Citrine, and I can promise you they have the most friendly and knowledgable staff that are so willingly to help you find the right products. If you forget what products I use, you can mention that I sent you and they can show you what products I routinely use.

But if you have any specific questions on the products I use and want to ask me more I am here to tell you the honest truth about my experience with different products so comment below or DM me on my Instagram!


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