Quick Workout Routine – No Equipment Needed!

I like my workouts to be efficient, effective, and something a busy mom who doesn’t always get the chance to workout can do and feel good about. Anyone else? Our days are often filled with so many little to-do’s and since I spend so much time at the office or playing with Diego, I wanted to find a workout routine that will tone my body and can be done in just 15 minutes! That way I can do cardio using my Peloton Bike some days and others I can get a quick and efficient workout in 15 minutes.

Working out has taken a backseat since becoming a mom, and one of my goals this year is to allow myself to take care of my own body and not feel guilty about it. Mom guilt is real (read about my experience), but when we take care of ourselves we are happier, more energized and can, in turn, take better care of our families. I wrote all about some mom hacks in a past blog post that goes into how important it is to treat ourselves and how to do it in an EASY and efficient way.

I am NOT a fitness expert by any means, but I am hoping that someone else out there is in the same situation as me and is just excited to TRY adding in more exercise to their day and find a way that makes it a little easier to do so.

Meet Brianna!

Call Me Lore's Quick 15 Minute No Equipment Workout

Brianna is a friend of mine who has become a successful and inspiring personal trainer, fit mom, and YouTube star. She shares her fitness journey through her vlogs and social media and takes authentic and kind fit mama to a whole new meaning.

I found Brianna through Instagram and loved watching her share how she exercised during her pregnancy and once we finally met, it turned out that we had mutual friends! She is just five short months post-partum with her sweet son Jaxin, and already looks incredible! Can you see why I asked for her help? (haha)

Brianna created the PERFECT busy mom solution that ALL of us can fit into our schedules. This workout is one that we busy moms can do during nap time, on our lunch break, etc. and all in the comfort of our own home.

It’s a…

  • 15 Minute Circuit Training Exercise
  • Mix of Cardio + Strength
  • Full-Body Workout

That’s Right, Only 15 Minutes!

We filmed the entire workout for you in real time so you can follow along anytime, anywhere. Trust me, even though it is only 15 minutes long, you will be breaking a sweat and become sore. I normally stick to hot yoga or riding my Peloton bike, but this “HITT” or “circuit” style of training burned more calories in 15 minutes than I ever thought possible.

This was my very first circuit workout so you do NOT have to be the fittest, experienced, or in shape person. This workout can be done by all levels. There are modified versions of moves and as always, consult your doctor before any physical activity if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing conditions. However, this routine was made for the busy woman of all shapes, sizes, and strengths and with that being said, take it at your own pace.

Why Circuit Training?

Call Me Lore's 15 Minute At-Home Workout

Let’s Exercise!

Below is the full video where you can workout with Brianna and I. Each move is timed, so you know how long it has been and when the next move is coming up.

YOUR At-Home Workout Guide

You can print this or keep it on your phone to use as a reference during the video. Or, if you want to do the workout without the video this is all you need!

If you need any further examples on the moves, watch the video because we demo each one for you. The individual moves last 30 seconds, so make sure to have a timer with you if you aren’t watching the video.

Call Me Lore's 15 Minute At Home Workout

How Often Should I Do This?

This is what I asked Brianna and she suggested to take it at your own pace and LISTEN to your body. Whether you do this 5 times a week or just 2, do whatever works best for you and “just do it” 🙂

My goal is carve out 15 minutes of my day 4 days a week to really get toned and see a difference in my muscles. I am going to mix this with my hot yoga class or biking when I get the chance.

Other Quick Workout Resources

Now that I am a mom, “quick” is my favorite word in my exercise vocabulary! So, I’m always on the hunt for new ways to change things up and get creative with my workouts. Whether you are traveling, crunched on time, or just want to keep it simple, I suggest using the Kayla Itsines’ Sweat It app or of course, Brianna shares workouts on her website and YouTube.

I hope this workout brings a little ease to your fitness routine and reminds you, as it did me, that sometimes 15 minutes is all you need! 🙂 If you do the workout, PLEASE tell me your thoughts by commenting here, on my YouTube channel or Instagram!

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  1. Many people, especially women are scared of strength training thinking they would get overly muscled resembling a body-builder. That’s so untrue, in fact, regular strength training has the capacity to prevent natural bone loss and build natural lean mass and halt the signs of muscle loss as you grow older.

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