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Call Me Lore's Letter to My Son Diego 2nd Birthday
A Letter To My Son: Happy 2nd Birthday Diego!

Today our little boy turns 2!!! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. I still remember the blog post I did announcing his arrival (check it out here for some throwback photos). My excitement and hopes for who he will become in the future still remain the same. However, the love that I feel for him multiplies every…

Call Me Lore's 5 Challenges of A Working Mom How to Overcome Mom Guilt Time Management
5 Challenges of A Working Mom & Tips to Overcome Them

I knew that going back to work after having Diego would be difficult but I don’t think I was prepared for just how hard it was for me. The mom guilt of leaving him all day was really hard. I wrote about mom guilt before (here) but I was constantly asking myself things like: “Did I not spend enough time…

Choosing A Preschool and 6 Questions to Ask During a Visit

Diego is going to school! Not quite yet, but it’s coming soon! We started touring schools at the end of last year. I had no idea that we should start looking into schools while he is just one, but there can be up to year-long waitlists. I shared my mommy panic via Instagram Stories and so many of you reached…

My Biggest Mom Fails-Call me Lore
How To Fight Mom Brain

Utterly exhausted, completely delirious, and possibly hormonal? Sounds like mom / pregnancy brain. There’s something about running after your kid (or growing one) day after day and trying to remember all of the things you need to remember that makes you a bit more forgetful. I call it “mom brain”. I made a humorous little video that you can find…

Call me Lore's Tips on Healthy Toddler Meals
Healthy Meal Ideas for Toddlers

Hello everyone! Just two months ago, Diego turned one and his eating habits have changed drastically. I want to make sure I’m providing him with the best nutrition possible, and the first step is knowing what nutrients his body needs. Along with consulting our pediatrician, I did some research about the most important vitamins and nutrients that toddlers need. At this stage,…

Call me Lore´s Favorite Youtube channels for Kids
The Best YouTube Channels for Kids

Hello everyone! So today, I will be talking about my favorite YouTube channels for young kids around Diego’s age. Before I had Diego, I remember always telling Dustin how much I was against little babies and kids watching Youtube on their parent’s phone or computer for hours. Now that I am a parent though, I understand that that is just…


Call Me Lore Dr. Kristine Romine Everything to Know About Botox and Dysport
Everything You Should Know About Botox with Dr. Kristine Romine

What comes to mind when you think of botox? A woman with her eyebrows glued to her forehead and looking like a frozen statue? That’s what I used to think before I did my research.  Did you know when you turn 30 your body stops producing collagen? AND each year after you turn 20 years old, you LOSE 1% of your collagen a…

Call Me Lore's Dermaplane Experience
What is a Dermaplaning Facial?

Yes….I had my face SHAVED WITH A SCALPEL. Just hear me out first! (haha) My friend Melissa from Melt By Melissa has been telling me about dermaplaning and how amazing it is for SO long now. However, I was always too nervous to try it because I was scared my peach fuzz would come back as black thick hairs haha (I…

Call me Lore's Best Natural Sunscreen
The Best Natural Sunscreens and DIY Sunscreen

Hello everyone! We are on a roll right after the my last post about natural laundry detergent to find only the best ingredients for our bodies. But today, let’s talk about something that we have all been told we should wear daily and that we all assume is safe… SUNSCREEN. Being that my skin is so fair naturally and I…

Call Me Lore's Moon Juice Pearl Powder REview-3
Beauty From Within: Moon Juice Pearl Powder

Hello everyone! As you probably know I love and I am very intrigued by anything having to do with health and beauty. On the rare occasion that I have some free time and want to relax, I go online and just read about new beauty products and health tips. Over the past year, I have been very interested in learning…

Call me Lore on What is Microneedling and what are its benefits
Microneedling: What Are the Benefits?

As you guys probably know by now, I have a little bit of an obsession with skin, beauty treatments, and products. Now with social media and the internet, it’s so easy to stumble upon new products or services! One that I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about recently is Microneedling! So, when I found out that Melissa from Melt…

Natural Beaded Weft Hair Extension Technique, Review
My Experience with Natural Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Hello everyone! So, it’s no secret that I have not been blessed by the hair gods. I have very fine hair and not very much of it, so having long, amazing hair has always been my dream. After taking what seems like millions of Biotin pills and my hair growing longer but not thicker, I decided to try extensions. Initially, I tried…


Call Me Lore's Dr. Kristine Romine What is Melasma How to Treat Melasma
6 Melasma Questions Answered with Dermatologist Dr. Romine

If you’ve ever heard of the “pregnancy mask” you’ve heard of melasma. It’s called a “mask” because it’s distinctive brown or grey-brown patches usually cover the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. It’s also been called the bane of dermatologist’s existence because it can be very difficult to treat. I have a combination of sunspots, caused by using BABY OIL (yes…

Quick Workout Routine – No Equipment Needed!

I like my workouts to be efficient, effective, and something a busy mom who doesn’t always get the chance to workout can do and feel good about. Anyone else? Our days are often filled with so many little to-do’s and since I spend so much time at the office or playing with Diego, I wanted to find a workout routine that…

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